Myrandex , Jan 10, Board Layout The board layout is what initially caught my attention. Jan 6, 2. Jan 10, 4. If the user has a USB mouse, the system will error out every reboot until the user hits the F1 key.

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No Raid driver disk was supplied. The rear panel is fairly nice, although there is room to supply additional ports.

Ok guys, this is my first review here in the forums, so any comments will be helpful. The Giga-byte board has a PCI based version, and the results were not that impressive.

There is only 1 additional fan header on the board, and it is below the memory slots. MyrandexJan 6, Another issue that I ran into is that for my mouse to work, I have to unplug it every time I reboot into windows or else it will not be detected.

Video Cards with large heatsinks on the back might not fit though. No voltage adjustments are allowed either so if the memory purchased requires higher voltages than stock to run l9agm3 DDR, there could be an incompatibility. For a value board like this I have used Giga-byte the most, but also some Asus and Abit before. Onboard Audio was not important to me because I have a K9zgm3 X-Fi that I have planned on using with the system, however it is Realtek HD Audio and should be similar to the Giga-byte board linked to earlier.



No, however it is my first value MSI board. If MSI were to update lsn bios with features that shouldn’t be missing, my opinion on this board would change a little bit, but at the current shipping version of the bios I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. If I update the bios, and options change, I will return to update the review accordingly but for some reason I don’t feel like that is going to happen.

Intel Architecture Day.

Plugging in this fan was nearly impossible without disassembling the entire system. Also I haven’t tested everything like in a traditional MB review, but I can update later if it would help anyone out.

Conclusion It would be difficult for me to recommend this board to anyone. Looking at other reviews here, I found a MSI board that had the same adapter and performance wasn’t bad.

Support For K9AGM3-FIH | Motherboard – The world leader in motherboard design | MSI Global

To activate dual channel memory mode, identicle memory sticks need to be placed in opposite colored slots. There was enough room surrounding the CPU area, and the SATA ports were low enough on the board to allow for a longer video card to be installed without interference.

Test System I will not be doing any performance testing at all, but here is the system configuration: Vista x64 ethernet drivers were not supported in XP This was required for me because I have modified my case to accept longer video cards when positioned in the 2nd slot, so if there was a PCIe 16x slot on the top it would be incompatible with my case without further modifications.


Also there are no bus speed adjustments at all memory bus, Hypertransport bus, FSB bus, etc. Log in or Sign up. Thanks for the comments. Below is another image of kan board: Also another note is that the Power M9agm3 connector is 2 pin only, so if your case has a 3 pin Power LED connector on it, you either have to get an adaptor, or else cut it in half what I did to get it to fit.

I know that aln would be better to take pictures of the board and upload them somewhere then link directly to them, but that would have taken a little more forethought before I installed it.

Also even though I disabled onboard audio, windows still found the onboard audio and drivers were installed for it in windows update. MSI has not responded to any of the issues that I emailed them about, however Newegg is letting me return it.

MyrandexJan 10, I have had a platinum series board from them before socket nForce3 GB chipset that was installed into a computer for my father. For Drive Performance, it should be pretty much identicle to the Giga-byte board listed above, which was pretty impressive.