If you have any Bluetooth software pre- viously installed on your computer, you must com- pletely remove it first! After you successfully connect, a screen will ask if you would like to create a dial-up shortcut on your desktop. If you select Refresh Devices, the list of previously detected devices will not be cleared. A screen may appear asking if you want to set up auto- matic connections. Depending on the security settings of each device, you may need to enter the same passkey on each device in order to bond the two devices. Initiate a Device Search 1.

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MSI Btoes 2.0 Bluetooth USB Adapter (MS-6970A) Windows Drivers, Software

The device with the specified address will appear highlighted in the Main Window. The Object Push Service icon should be high- lighted at the top of the screen. Connect to a PDA Step 1: Assign the directory where you would like to save image files pushed from the client device. After you search for ms6-871 services supported by a remote device, the supported services of the selected device will be highlighted Local Device — The MSI website http: After a device has successfully paired with your computer, the remote device icon in the Main Window will have a red checkmark next to it.


This address cannot be changed by the end-user. Use the Service Window to start and stop services, as well as to configure service properties.

MSI BToes (MS) Bluetooth USB Dongle Windows Driver, Bluetooth Software | Wireless Drivers

Search for Other Bluetooth Enabled Devices Before it can connect, your computer must first detect other Bluetooth enabled devices in range. A list of local services will appear. The icon should now be highlighted yellow. Connect the Bluetooth enabled mouse to your computer.

Allow other Bluetooth enabled devices to pair with your computer. Bluetoot Port icons will also report which COM port is assigned to them. OutlookOutlook xpOutlook This would allow you to conveniently dial up and connect by simply clicking on the shortcut, without having to manually start BlueSoleil. Personal Information Manager—an application, such as Microsoft Outlook, that is used to manage contacts, keep track of phone numbers, etc.

Click on the Basic Image Push tab. A screen may appear asking if you want to set up auto- matic connections.

ms-66871 Double-click on the mobile phone or PDA icon to browse for service information. You can assign the appropriate level of access for each specific service.

MSI MS-6871 User Manual

Please refer to 4. The Outbox is used to save objects sent out from your computer.


If you select Refresh Devices, the list of previously detected ms-68871 will not be cleared. Installation Also, keep the box and packing materials at hand, in case you need to ship the unit in the future. Comments to this Blluetooth Your Name. The Main Window displays the local device red ball as well as the remote devices detected in range. Check the By Name box, enter the Name of the device, and click on the Find button. For more details, see 4. Keep this equipment away from humidity.

You have multiple options for starting another search: Lay this equipment on a reliable flat surface before setting it up.

Link Manager Protocol—used by Bluetooth for internal communications. If the device you want is not listed, make sure that blhetooth device is turned on and discoverable and try searching again.

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