You also must have SATA drivers for the card’s SATA controller available when you boot from the operating system CD – as far as I know that’s only possible in and up, and for and XP, you usually must have a legacy internal, conventional floppy drive, and a floppy disk with the drivers on it, – – or – you must make a “slipstreamed” Windows CD CD-R is best that has the SATA controller drivers integrated into it, and use that to boot the computer with. Les Dickinson Level 3 Expert Answers. If so, the connector that is farthest from the others goes to the motherboard. See the part in response 80 starting at: I had to go through a bunch of old floppy’s to find one that I could use.

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Elsewhere in the BIOS settings there may be an option to ignore the floppy drive on boot up. I believe they will run without the use of a hard drive, although I haven’t actually tried that. IBM had a rash of defective drives that failed prematurely. Ja this is Aidio Africa so better not to say “floppy” around here these days as it could be considered discriminative zudio taken wrongly. What is a stiffy drive?

Must I reconnect it to the computer now without the jumper?

You only need one drive to make a copy – if you have only one, the original CD can be read in the same drive, then you insert. Yay, this time there was life on the monitor up to the following point: Can the circuits on the floppy drive’s board fry if the DATA connectors are the wrong way around, or will it then just cause the LED on the front of the floppy drive to be on all the time the computer is running I do not presently have that problem?


I also connected a power connector to the floppy drive, because no power connector was connected to it. More Print this page Share this page. If you mz-6714 connecting the monitor to a card m-6714 is inserted into an expansion slot further down ns-6714 the board then you are using add in graphics. I never imagined that my thread would have so many posts and run for so many weeks! Make sure you have a speaker or speakers or the equivalent connected to the mboard so you can hear mboard beeps see your mboard manual if you m-s6714 to.

You first said it wasnot You should boot the computer with the Data Lifeguard disk already inserted. You must agree to the Microsoft terms audko use or similar.

Now I am lank confused. If you don’t have js-6714, someone you know might have one. A wiring “dongle” comes with the card. If it mentions 48 bit LBA support, or if it indicates it can use hard drives larger than gb manufacturer’s size or larger than gb size in the operating systemthen you can use any size of IDE a. They don’t need to install anything to the hard drive but they may use space on the drive for a swap file if there is insufficient RAM available. Try another sudio cable if in doubt.

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I shall have to go check again. StuartS That is the first thing that came to my mind too. OR – you can set the hard drive to CS – Cable Select and have it on the end connector of a 3 connector data cable, or set both drives on the same datac able to Cable Select.


More info about a Repair installation of Windows XP You don’t want to do that. If you install an operating system on a different partition on a hard drive, or on a different partition on a different hard drive if the computer has more than one hard drive, you may or may not get a multiple boot situation while booting and be able to select which one to load, depending on the operating systems involved.

Download Msi 845GEM (ms 6714 ver5) Motherboard Drivers | Manual

You indicated a message; “If you give permission to overwrite a bad sector SeaTools will attempt to write a pattern of zeros to that sector. By the way, the 40gb drive probably requires that you aidio it to a 80 wire data cable in order for it to be able to run as fast as it can.

When the format has finished, you will see auido summary. There should be markings on the ciruit board indicating the clear CMOS jumper.

I burnt the diagnostics CD and booted my MS to it. Thank you for your time and the valuable information you shared.

The same basic VGA video is what you get when you install Windows from the CD on thefor the onboard video when the video card has not been plugged inand for the video card when it has been plugged in plug it in when the AC power to the case has been removedunless Windows has the specific video drivers built in, which I doubt.