Reasd — you don’t understand the problem. The internal drive is tiny, with only 19GB of total space, with only 3. It shows the following: I find it hard to believe – either HD must be formatted specially or I need special software. Just wondering, can the hard drive be used to record pre-recorded programs saved on the DVR? Perfectly clear to me from the beginning.

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How to use a Motorola DVR/Resets

The firewire port on the Motorola boxes works in Windows as well. Yes, I do understand the problem based on the original post. My service provider is Comcast in Montgomery County Maryland and they don’t support this feature.

Once you get squared away on the FireWire stuff, you’ll want to download my Windows Installer. For the DCH, the pattern is Supposedly, a menu of options of picture quality and frame speed should come up. I suggest an annual clean out as above. One thing we don’t know is if your computer has FireWire currently.


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The box just doesn’t see that motorkla drive. The technology is there in the motorola machine. I know there’s a USB port on the front of the receiver, but I’m just not sure if this will work, or if it will even void the warranty. Results 1 to 5 of 5.

Motorola’s DCH3416 M-Card-enabled HD DVR

I use vlc to watch the stream live, and there are some programs to record the stream, etc. As I mentioned, the box did come from Cox, and forewire I saw in your guide, it probably wouldn’t work either way.

I go ahed and name it, and try to save it the external drive.

It’d make recording the Olympics waaayy easier. Can you point me to the the forum s where I can look into these?

And all of my Windows laptops use the 4-pin FireWire connector not that most laptops even have FireWire So you need a FireWire b 9-pin to FireWire a 6-pin cable: Firewire Driver for DCH Do you know the answer to any of these questions: Does it involve an external hard drive? On some systems, the button press pattern may benot as above. Originally Posted by ahill Best Buy charges way too much for dch34116.


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Aug 1, Posts: Promotions, Announcements, Hot Deals. The SATA port is the most likely candidate for such use.

Ian My finished “Media Room”. As you can see that the original poster added more info to the original post to make things more clearer and which made things entirely different.

I fire up the program. Perfectly clear to me from the beginning. It’s pretty easy to work with and my install includes some documentation.