Send a private message to ArcheType. Glad it’s not just me! Fade rates how fast or hard a disc will hook or fall at the end of the flight. Even into a headwind, this dis…. The Roc3 holds a line in a variety of wind conditions …. Chicago, IL Years Playing: Also on the market, does that mean stock recent release?

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It is a big bead model made of a special blend of durable Pro-line Plastic that is softer, more flexible and grippier than other Aviar models, making it better ….

It is a very fast disc golf disc with significant glide. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Compared to the Wraith it is faster and has a little more high and low speed stabil….

But just to one-up it on fade, Discraft released the Nuke OS which is even more overstable. I dont throw anything near that OS so I wouldn’t know.


The Panic is the most overstable of the distance drivers by Axiom that have a 23mm rim width a notch below maximum allowed width. The main subreddit for overtable things related to the sport of disc golf!

It is one of those discs that, when thrown with anything less than impressive power, starts fading almost immediately after release. I have thrown a moab, and it’s incredibly overstable. Send a private message to Rol If you still have questions or would like some advice on what type of discs fit you best, please contact us.


If you’re getting rid of it, I’ll buy it from you for a pretty penny. Other newcomers will undoubtedly be released for the overstable, power-throwing market.

Find all posts by scuddyp4. Joe will receive a substantial portion…. Overstable discs are great for throwing hyzer shots on dogleg left holes, long distance ‘S’ shots, overhand air shots or for holding a line into a headwind, understable for anhyzer shots on a dogleg right or for roller shots, and stable discs for navigating tight, straight fairways.

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Fade rates how fast or hard a disc will hook or fall at the end of the flight. Although this disc golf driver has a wide rim, it is also relatively easy to hold and throw both backhand a….

It is one of Innova’s most popular upwind drivers that works…. I had two around that time that I lovedbut eventually lost and the replacement gklf do it for me.

Innova Overstable Discs

Innova took their top selling putter and made it into a flat-topped, fierce driving putter. Innova Firebird – GStar.

I use the Nuke OS only for extreme forehand iverstable shots. The Innova Champion Shark3 is an overstable mid range driv…. The Ape is great for powerful backhand and sidearm throws as well as a va….

  059B 0276 DRIVER

The Most Overstable Distance Drivers (2017)

The Innova Star Boss is an overstable distance driver. Spirit, xXx, or if you dont have a huge arm a Flick will act really overstable.

X under the stamp generally means just an x-out, check on the rim for ink to see what it is. Although this disc golf driver has a wide rim, it is also relatively easy to hold and throw both backh…. It is rated as a very overstable, high-speed driver, but the fun thing about the Albatross is that it actually CAN fly straight for quite an impressive distance before making a hard, final dump.

We would have featured the Prodigy X1 here, since it is definitely the most overstable distance driver released by Prodigy. The Innova StarLite Boss is an overstable distance driver.

With strong fade and minimal glide, this disc golf driver is great for headwind upshots. Send a private message to Technohic.