This is a reproducable defect. Retrieved from ” http: Maybe we can share information. I disabled my main board network interface and only use that USB adapter as my Ethernet adapter, I can access Google, can use the IRC, and it also passed the plug out and plug in test on my computer. Works out of the box on Raspbian. There is some excellent information here. This is the output of dmsg command:

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While it is advertised as USB 2. Disable and enable can be executed correctly, and “ping” command can be executed correctly. These are often used to network laptops to PCslike. This also supports some related device firmwareas used in some.

These cards support downlink speeds of 7. This is the output of dmsg command: Email me about changes to this bug report.

USB ethernet adaptors

To establish a connection. This means that even if a particular model is known to be compatible, this might not apply to wthernet unit you have acquired. However, when I attempt an iperf to test the speed I get 3. You can find the kmsg and logcat output in attachment. Not all USB Ethernet adapters found e.


Hi Sachin, is there possible to enable the ethernet on Origen?

Works with a Model “A” Pi if plugged into an external maybe unpowered hub. Retrieved from ” http: Works very well on a Raspberry Pi 2 running Raspbian Check the email with the title “Re: However, the same iperf test on the native adapter results in Doesn’t seem to require any extra power supply.

Multiple management interfaces with linux drivers are.

MCS7720 — USB 1.1 to Dual Serial Controller

Current asix seems not stable. Views Read View source View history.

Sorry for comment 28, I put it in mocship wrong place Bus Device Note that while many USB host – to – host cables can work in this mode. Select it if you have. You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. The log file can be found in attachment. With the latest kernel available at the Samsung PPA linux- image Thus before moschi; go out and buy a new dongle.


In addition, the only ones that truly appear to be 2. Board index All times are UTC. USB disconnect, device number 2 usb Then we can make a test and comparison.

SUNIX – Networking Adapter

This option supports devices conforming to the Communication Device. See full activity log. Tested with and without powered USB hub.