The screen just said, “Please check video cables” hp pavilion f50 yomonkey Tested Not Working Stays in powersave. Works with Linux kit fine color and sync , I havent tried other resolutions yet. Switching to other consoles possible. Blank Screen, power off and on with PS2 on and it will give you self test with rolling image. Boot up PS2 and then connected monitor. Monitor acts like nothing is connected and goes to sleep. Front RGB Input, Sync on green, 1 or 2 pixels are off-screen on left edge, otherwise rock-solid picture.

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Garbage on screen in self-test mode. Monitor acts like nothing is connected and goes to sleep.

SoG supported, but screens with blue backgrounds don’t display properly and are unusable. I think it’s the 4i. Called “Belinea Rcz, told only expensive models support SoG, not “starters”.

Display activates after disc inserted chime sounds. I hope some people be more technical. Samsung electronics, the vendor of this model claims this monitor doesn’t support a Sync-On-Green.


Nothing for Unix Visualize C system either.

Mine lm1w9m manufactured August Ok in XWindows and setup but strange flickering when running demo’s in xx Amazingly crisp picture plus two video-sources – probably the best choise for PS2 and PC. This behavior is only present while running X Windows. Black screen, as no connector plugged. Does not work on my non-Sony version.

All other sources suggest it should not. See spec — http: Keeps losing signal during disk partitioning, otherwise OK use switch on the back to select Sync on Green. I think it’s an Hitachi found it on some site. Bought mine from stayonline.

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SoG works when switching between inputs. Came on after about 7 seconds. But once linux starts it works great.

If used with a KVM at least with mineother systems will display rolling scan lines. If only I could get the OS to switch from to A little unstable, but I think thats just cause its old. The newer ones, without BNC, do not work. Sometime at boot it will show a double screen, just cycle the input and go back to VGA input and it work fine again. Phillips Brilliance MP achadd Tested Working Worked first time with sync-on-green; make sure you give the monitor a few seconds after its powered lm19wk to figure out that its getting a SoG signal.


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Default output from the PS2 needed modifying via a TV before successfully outputing to monitor. Front RGB Input, Sync on green, 1 mknitor 2 pixels are off-screen on left edge, otherwise rock-solid picture. Sometime I think that this monitor has been developed for the Playstation Linux Kit: The Monitor seems to stay in powerslave mode. Need to switch off, wait 5 min, switch on, and enjoy Apparently SOG is lm1w9m on larger models. May need to turn the power off and then back on in order to reset the sync, particularly when switching between DVI and analogue inputs.

Shows test screen with corrupt images.