The first generation yellow and blue and second silver have worked great for me. Sep 19, I finally succeeded in getting my midiman to get recognized thanks to your assistance. I bought my first new Mac when OS X I think they all are remakes of the same thing. MIDI devices come in 3 ports: Whether you’re looking to get your first good MIDI interface, or if you’re looking to upgrade so you can plug more MIDI devices simultaneously into your computer, then this guide is for you.

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Overall This is an exceptionally portable and simple interface to use with iOs devices and for live gigs. Now i can actually use this computer for something!! Class Compliant Power Supply: Dave 23 Mjdisport Member Posts: The first generation yellow and blue and second silver have worked great for me.

M-Audio Midisport 2×2 – MIDI-interface – 20th Anniversary Edition – ID Musikk

Overall This is an affordable oss for your professional or home studio that’s expandable and has extra features. The last time I did immediately reboot, and then it worked. You will need to restart after installing OMS. ASIO4ALL will still do its thing and would pick up all available audio cards in the system but not the one it came with and the lack of actual hardware driver would put the device manager midsiport the position of not knowing if it was dealing with an audio card or a digital vacuum cleaner.


They also mention that it’s been engineered “properly” to avoid the device introducing electrical noise into your system although this does seem like a rare occurrence for MIDI interfaces in general.

M-Audio Midisport 8×8

You may get a prompt to search for the drivers on the internet. Generally people found their computers recognized the device straight away. You may now exit OMS Setup by quitting the application. Cons There were some users who had driver setup problems particularly with midispot versions of Windows and Mac operating systems.

February 16, I have one of these and have tried it with my G4 running OS 9. USB bus powered Size: Jakl Gold Member Posts: Each MIDI port contains 16 channels.

Overall This interface is a great choice if you want an easy to set up wireless system that works at up to 30 feet distance.

October 02, This simple interface allows you to connect your MIDI compatible controller, synthesizer, keyboard or drum machine to your Mac, PC or mobile device. Im actually not the one who got it to work.

Midi input doesn’t work. Although it should be mentioned that this is only needed for advanced functions. OMS will inform you that it has not yet been configured.


I can record midi from my keyboard but with a huge delay. Thank you very much for your appreciation of the work we do – remember to check with us first next time!

Here it is for everyone that still may come to this page looking for hints. M-Audio Supported Operating Systems: Some users notice their DAWs don’t recognize this interface right away.

Thank you so much!!! Logged NubusVision Member Posts: Reviewers also mentioned how it was easy to set up with no drivers needed, and there weren’t any reports of connectivity issues with their devices.

driver to the Midisport 2×2 for OS X Yosemite

Cons Some people find its ‘iConfig’ software editing interface to be confusing and complicated to use. An example of this would be audio routing the VSTs from their iPad to midsiport laptop. A small number of users have criticized it for not being immediately recognized by iOS devices when pairing but it does work most of the time.