Finding a spot for the long narrow scanner may be your biggest problem. ScanMaker i Plus Pro Ai. The Adapter Lock The lamp moves with the sensor to provide even and constant illumination. Plus, the included 4″ x 5″ and 6 x 22cm film holders with unique patented pending Tension Technology are specially designed that ensure your film stays perfectly flat, yielding sharper image quality. We had no problem with that at all. Synchronize with e-mail feature allows you to send and synchronize documents with your e-mail directly from the device.

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The film holders lock into place, assurance perfect alignment and precise scans, as well as offering convenient batch scanning.

The device can save and synchronize documents with Dropbox. No need to warm up Adopting LEDs as the light source, when the ScanMaker i Plus is detected by the system, there are no requirements for any warm-up time before carrying out the scan, which boots your productivity and reduces energy costs amazingly.

VueScan seems to have the most complete library of emulsions with SilverFast a close second but ScanWizard Pro never seems to have what we’re scanning which is mainly pre film. ScanWizard Pro knows about the film templates, but we find it less than a felicitous experience. We rather think the Pro version should have all the features of the Standard version, but that’s not how it works.

Microtek ScanMaker i Plus. Unfortunately, VueScan yet another third party application, but one that is not hardware specific did not recognize the i Can scan 35 mm film? Scanner for Small Office. The patented and award-winning SilverFast Multi-ExposureR increases the scanner’sdynamic range, removes natural image noise and provides more details. All scannable material sits on and faces a glass plate under which the CCD array tracks along the length of the scanner to make the image.


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And wouldn’t at all mind if they could just press a button to do it! Scaanmaker USB versions are faster and have better power sanmaker. VueScan probably handles that most simply by asking for the size of each frame and the offset of the first one, so you can make some simple adjustments to set up a film holder and save the setup.

Paul Pkus – Explaining resolution and dynamic microtei tests with SilverFast Ai in comparison with Microtek’s ScanWizard demonstrating how SilverFast best preserves every fine detail and maximizes dynamic range. By the way, the Silverfast targets have bar codes so the IT8 target data is automatically located. This is simply colored line art. Of course, the lamp intensity is not uniform from edge to edge and all CCD elements are not identical, particularly in regards to noise. So the low number of the scanner’s optical resolution should be a least for film.

To scan, you first have to remove the black mat that usually provides a background to reflective scanning. Versatile Graphic Scanner With Legal size flatbed, ScanMaker i Plus is a state-of-the-art, high quality, easy to use scanner that is suitable for corporate, photographers and publishers.


Film scanners can scan film negatives. In addition, ScanMaker i Plus adopts an LED as scanmxker light source, which not only saves huge amount of energy cost but also prolongs the life cycle of the machine. The Plastic Spring Each of the film holders has a calibration strip at the front end of the holder where the scanning starts, that is.

ScanMaker i800 Plus

Some selected movies about special SilverFast features can be accessed directly below. Bit depth means the number of bits per pixel, so the higher the bit depth, the greater number of colors the system can scan. A version of SilverFast SE for the i is also included. This was pretty popular 20 years ago before the glossy print became the standard.

An inexpensive flatbed may have an optical resolution as low as dpi although the trend is upward. To use all features of our website, it’s recommended to enable javascript in your browser!

Scanner Review: Microtek ScanMaker i

But it does let you save the setup. We also asked about the 35mm strip holder. Negative emulsions have different characteristics, requiring different conversions to positive for each manufacturer, film type and speed. Power is supplied by an AC adapter brick. Inexpensive flatbeds strain to get their Dmax the maximum recordable scanmakee with 4.