October 9, at 5: As long as you don’t mind tinkering, The Dude is a decent network utility that should be worth the download. Thank you for one of the most extensive review available about MaxiVista. Greg Shultz is a freelance Technical Writer. For those who missed my earlier review, MaxiVista is a networked virtual display driver that lets you extend your Windows desktop onto the screen of a second computer.

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MaxiVista can be a very useful tool; more so for XP users than Vista ones due to its limited compatibility with the latter operating system. For those who missed my earlier review, MaxiVista is a networked virtual display driver that lets you extend your Windows desktop onto the screen of a second computer.

For example, if you have DisplayFusion or UltraMon installed, you will have to exit the program before you install MaxiVista in order to avoid conflicts.

Then a splash screen that is not present on the purchased version “nags” for several seconds, and the background from the desktop is displayed on the laptop. Additionally, there are probably quite a few users interested in the idea of a dual-monitor configuration, but not sure to what extent they may benefit from it. While MaxiVista is in remote control mode it automatically synchronizes the clipboard contents of the primary PC to the secondary one, or vice-versa.

My probem occurs is when I try to use two of them at the same time, one will load and The Server program will then find the Viewer program and establish a connection.


Maxivista Review – How to Use a Laptop as a Second Monitor

Amateur photographers, for example, may benefit from a large display surface by dragging the toolbar of the image editing program onto the second monitor. So, ironically, I found that a lower resolution laptop makes a better nlt monitor. If you are using Windows 7 or Windows Vista, there is one caveat. After your system reboots, you can launch the Server program.

And of course, they point to the forum as a “transparent” support resource to verify how “good” they are. My Profile Log Out. Even streaming relatively low-res videos in a browser e.

Extend Your PC Display Over the Network with MaxiVista 4

By Joe Moran Price: MaxiVista includes a monitor arrangement setting that lets you properly orient your extended display relative to the primary one, just as you would in a standard dual-monitor setup.

Let’s take a look. Originally Posted by darkassain. For this review, I am using the bit Mirror Pro version. Or, if you already have a multiple-monitor configuration, MaxiVista maxigista allow you to add an additional virtual-graphics adapter to your existing setup.

You must be logged in to post a comment. Please keep in mind that the hard-disk turns off maxivistz idling and the CPU may step-down to a power-saving mode when the Laptop is used as a monitor by MaxiVista.

Of course, the first question on your mind is, how does it work? Inside the Raspberry Pi: September 9, at Setting up the server component on our primary PC was straightforward—it automatically installs a display driver that mimics a physical graphics adapter but routes its output across the network.


The server software also spits out a viewer application that you copy to and run on the secondary system. How IoT, robotics, and AI are tackling one of the biggest problems of the century. When you install the MaxiVista server, you specify how many extended displays you want to use and the program will generate the appropriate number of viewer programs.

As soon as you allow MaxiVista access to the network, you’ll see the MaxiVista Viewer icon in the system tray. For most folks, however, outside of graphics designers, computer programmers, and financial traders, multiple monitor setups remain a dream due to the cost and complexity involved.

Maxivista is a phenomenal software package… Until you have an issue. Greg Shultz is a freelance Technical Writer. However, quitting B does not shut down server A.

The laptop is inches and has the same resolution as my inch desktop monitor.