Characters in square brackets [ Sets the time format used when displaying the X-axis. Color Names RGB Value black 0,0,0 white ,, blue ,, green 0,,0 red ,0,50 yellow ,,0 orange , , 0 purple ,, brown ,,50 aqua 0,, gray ,, grey ,, magenta ,0, pink ,, gold ,,0 rose ,, darkblue 0,0, darkgreen 0,,0 darkred ,0,0 darkgray ,, darkgrey ,, RGB can be passed directly in the format RRGGBB[AA] where RR, GG, and BB are 2-digit hex vaules for red, green and blue, respectively. The main objectives of the project are to meet the needs of cryptocurrency projects and users for traditional financial sector services, and to provide access to investment products and to the crypto trading markets. Must be passed a positive floating point number or integer equal to or greater than 1. If set to true the grid lines will not be rendered. If unset, no y-axis label is displayed.

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These are optional parameters that specify the relative or absolute time period to graph. Any value below this will trigger a point consolidation of the series at render time. Default is 10 Example: Set the unit system for compacting Y-axis values e. It is always preceded by a minus sign – and followed by a unit of time. Multiple function calls can be chained together either by nesting them or by piping the result into maxvata function it will be passed to the piped function as its first parameter:.


Used to get numerical data out of the webapp instead alphx an image.

False If set to true the X and Y axes will not be rendered Example: Values for these variables can be provided via the template query parameter. Sets the preferred number of intermediate values to display on the Y-axis Y values between the minimum and maximum.

In dual Y-axis mode, sets the upper bound of the maxdatx Y-Axis See: If set to trueseries with all null values will not be reported in the legend.

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The font must be installed on the Graphite Server. Takes one or more comma-separated color names or RGB values see bgcolor for a list of color names and uses that list in order as the colors of the lines. Within this framework, the benefits of manufacturing and 3D Printing become a global common infrastructure for all.

Takes any floating point or integer negative numbers do alha error but will cause no line to be drawn.

Source code for epygram.profiles

Renders the data as a json object suitable for passing to a Dygraph object. False If set to trueseries with all null values will not be reported in the legend.


Can be set to true, false, csv. A character range is indicated by 2 characters separated by a dash -and means that any character between those 2 characters inclusive will match. Sets the alpha transparency value of filled areas maxdafa using an areaMode.

es — epygram documentation

You can also run any number of functions on the various metrics before graphing. If more than 10 metrics are drawn the legend is no longer displayed. Sets the time format aplha when displaying the X-axis.

Read the Docs v: See bgcolor for valid color names and formats. Calculated automatically Manually set the value step between Y-axis labels and grid lines.

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If set to falsethe legend is drawn. Reserved for future use See: Takes one of the following parameters: In dual Y-axis mode, sets the lower bound of the left Y-Axis See: It will form a new innovative platform to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS, and other popular cryptocurrencies and tokens.

Renders the data in a custom line-delimited format. If set to true the grid lines will not be rendered.