The common, non-stainless grades contain 17—19 wt. While both types of alloys, i. In a recent article in “Golfsmith’s Clubmaker, Tom Wishon, Chief Technical Officer of Golfsmith refers to the new maraging steel face insert technology as a “phenomenal equipment developement” and further states “I have to tell you, using super-strength maraging steel in a wood head is an amazing development”. Designing Heusler nanoprecipitates by elastic misfit stabilization in Fe—Mn maraging steels B2 NiMn and Ni2MnAl Heusler nanoprecipitates are designed via elastic misfit stabilization in Fe—Mn maraging steels by combining transmission electron microscopy TEM correlated atom probe tomography APT with ab initio simulations. Alternative variants of Ni-reduced maraging steels are based on alloys of Fe and Mn plus minor additions of Al, Ni and Ti where compositions between Fe-9wt.

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Re: Titanium vs maraging steel for club face

Non-stainless varieties of maraging steel are moderately corrosion -resistant and resist stress corrosion and hydrogen embrittlement. Maraging steel is an iron-nickel steel alloy that, as with all maraging steels, exhibits high levels of strength and hardness.

Typical applications of maraging steels. Fundamentals of Machine Component Design Fourth ed. By APT, it is confirmed that this is due to early stages of precipitation induced by the cyclic re-heating upon further deposition—i.

Due to the high alloy content maraging steels jaraging a high hardenability. In fact, over 75 Tour players are hitting the Orlimar club.

Maraging steel – Wikipedia

The steels can be nitrided to increase case hardness and polished to a fine surface finish. When you talk about Stainless, do you mean the phase hardening PH? Specifically, the Ni2MnAl Heusler nanoprecipitates exhibit the finest sizes and highest dispersion and hence lead to significant strengthening.


I got some new wedges made of SS and I noticed after a few games that they are definitely softer metal than the rest fqce my irons that Ive had for 14 years without a single ‘ding’ on them.

This is followed by air cooling or quenching to room temperature to form a soft, heavily dislocated iron-nickel lath untwinned martensite. Several have tried and failed but Maraging Power clubs were developed using a new technology patent pending that successfully bonds Maraging Steel Face inserts into wood and iron heads.

Do not confuse Ti-Alloy with Titanium. Hence, depending on their Mn content, Fe-Mn maraging steels can be fully martensitic after quenching them from the high temperature austenite phase or they can contain retained austenite. Ti-Alloy attempts to take advantage of the Titanium name.

The construction of maraging steel allows it to withstand atmospheres that would quite simply destroy most standard steel. They are the softer Stainless Steels. Additionally, a crack is likely to start at the same point and propagate along the same path although much more slowlyas crack propagation marsging fatigue is a plastic phenomenon rather than microstructural.

The increased strength of the Maraging Steel Face Insert allows clubhead designs with face inserts of 1. Id be ready to get rid of these new wedges at this zteel without having read this article thinking they were made of stele metal or something. Addition of chromium produces stainless grades resistant to corrosion.

Maraging Steel, Golf Term

The nanostructure design of the material proceeds by homogenization in the austenitic phase followed by quenching. Some of the information can be easily understood, or at best muddled through, but the remaining technical jargon is not as easily deciphered.

Being able to expand the head size in woods has dramatically changed the golfing landscape. Maraging metal is a popular material for the faceplates in the highest performing woods, although, less common in today’s world you usually find maragint in low profile fairway woods and utility irons.


The increased strength of the Maraging Steel Face Inserts allows clubheads to be designed with thinner walls in wood heads and the ultimate in perimeter weighting. This quality has made maraging steel alloys an important component of many of the air and spacecraft used today.

HST Aluminum is a much harder aluminum and is popular in very large entry level drivers. The focus here is on the latter phenomenon. While they race the best feel found for irons and woods, they did not create the ball compression and distance favored by golfers today. Although it is well established that dense parts can be produced by AM, the influence of the AM process on the microstructure – in particular the content of retained and reversed austenite as well as the nanostructure, especially the precipitate density and chemistry, are not yet explored.

Enter your email address: Many Ni and Mn-based maraging steels with property spectra including particularly high toughness and strength have been developed. Maraging steels tend to be described by a number, orwhich indicates the approximate nominal tensile strength in thousands of pounds maraginb square inch; the compositions and required properties are defined in MIL-SD. It may be more expensive, marahing we will explain why it is not always the best metal to purchase.