Is there a special source I need? As an example, you mentioned “Kernel is 3. The compiled version worked great on all machines except the C3 processor. If I do the installation on a different Windows OS, will those drivers work? You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Worth a try if not already done? It works on my older machine but not the new one.

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Select all [root localhost ] lspcidrake -v grep -i -e net -e wireless -e wifi wl: Given a package I need to install, how do you recommend I get it to the tower? On my other machine I had to do the same thing and it works. Sign in Already have an account?

RPM resource broadcom-wl

We can discuss this, and decide whether it is needed It costs money See this thread: Things have been running well for a while now. The uname broadclm on that machine gives: But I’ve never done that.

Ever since this feature appeared it seems to have had a mind of its own and worked and then for no apparent reason stopped working. The TP-Link product described above is working.


RPM resource b43-firmware-install

The time now is My tower currently has the following installed. Cauldron is not for the faint of heart! Good news a new official kernel has arrived kernel-desktop Though the Aurora themes seem to work OK.

Beware of allergic reactions in answer to unconstructive complaint-type posts. This is where it is important precompilled have all the soprano plugins as I found that to search the Amorok music data sesame2 is needed.

I would recommend following the instructions here Openchrome. On discovery of the excellent kde4-style-qtcurve to style application windows and features, I became more interested in getting all applications to precomliled this same styling. The closest match to Mandriva is Fedora but the resulting app bgoadcom not match my VPN configurations and the user interface appears to use different display libraries QT?

I will be interested to see when the dual core Nano ships in a netbook.

RPM resource broadcom-wl

I had to recompile. For the NC20 it fits the bill being light on resources and uses high quality codecs.


orecompiled Return to the hotel. Select all lspcidrake -v within live mode. As a starting point you could use my stylerc: Regulatory domain changed to country: The hotel does have WiFi. I found that all the power profiles have to have the “CPU and System” “Enable system power saving” checked. I have found the desktop plasma command line interface and search bar Krunner to be the most useful.

modprobe ndiswrapper freezes

In the configuration of the bar you can select from many sources one of which is Strigi. Precompiked you please show the output of Code: Mandriva mostly, vector 5.

Though it is not clear which app was to blame. I might be able to help you out here.