To learn more about our warranty, click here. On the job site, keep your Terminal s on Timer Mode. What does this mean? Unlike some competitor theft-deterrent systems which require a newly-Bluetooth-enabled battery that costs more, or needs an adaptor for existing batteries , all Makita batteries in the field with L. From there, if the timer has already been set to the Terminal, you can switch the setting to Timer mode, which will also set the Lock-Out Time. Does “over discharging” have a negative affect on the battery? A typical 12″ Miter Saw will deliver more cutting capacity in both crosscut and vertical cutting height compared to a 10″ miter saw.

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Also, grinder accessories must be rated for at least the speed recommended on the tool warning label.

This model has been discontinued by Makita. What is the advantage in buying a slide compound saw over a regular compound saw?

What does this mean? Is a random orbit sander better than a regular finishing sander? EST at This lightweight, yet extremely durable hose will withstand the rigors of tough industrial environments while maintaining its resiliency over a long period of time. What do the lights on the Terminal mean?


Consult the grinder’s Instruction Manual to toils the proper guard.

High polish SuperKrome R plating results in a jewelry-like finish, providing long life and maximum corrosion resistance. Can I get the engine complete for Makita generators? Electric brake stops the socket quickly. I am going to be putting down new deck boards using 4″ screws.

But any TC3-grade 2-cycle oil is formulated for use in these products. Consult mwkita grinder’s Instruction Manual for confirmation of the proper accessories and their use. Where to I start with the Registration Settings? Makita power cutters come with a five-stage filter system with Advanced Directional Air Flow for increased performance and easy maintenance. Please refer to the Instruction Manual for a recommended maintenance schedule.

Do I need 9.6vv proof of purchase for warranty of my Battery? Always use genuine Makita. This results in less corner wear on the fastener. This ensures faster processing of multiple batteries. At this time, only tools can be registered.

How does the JRCT recip saw reduce vibration? What is the difference between a hubbed grinding wheel and a depressed center grinding wheel? Some rotary hammers can do light demolition work, like chipping tile.

Makita BFT080F 9.6V Nutrunner

In addition, 4-cycle equipment has reduced exhaust emissions over 2-cycle equipment. On a depressed center wheel the inner flange and lock nut are not attached to the wheel, and must be fastened separately with the lock-nut wrench during installation.


It is not necessary to use a straight guide on your router when using a ball bearing pilot bit, because the bearing on the bit acts as your guide. The arrow on the piston should be pointing towards the muffler.

Can I use a cut-off wheel on any of the Makita grinders? The models that end in an “R” are brushless self-exciting two pole single phase revolving field.

Makita BFLF Right Angle Cordless v NUTRUNNER Screwdriver Torque Control | eBay

Why would I set a User Name? How can I order parts for my Makita products? From there, if the timer has tool been set to the Terminal, you can switch the setting to Timer mode, which will also set the Lock-Out Time. Refer to the Instruction Manual for proper use and applications for your specific sander.