Very steady handheld cam shot waste to head close. MPEG-1 layer 2, stereo, Bit, Shot from high up on Stone’s side. Audience shot single cam. Assembled from the best available video recording. Quietness in between songs cut out to match CD audio. The second disc contains also a professional photogallery 9:

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This dvd was created to be shared and enjoyed amongst fans and was in no way created for profit or gain, but to share the live experience. Conversion details have been abridged. Missing Horsemen and Lightning. Steady and clear angle shot on Stone’s side. There is a glitch in the video at the start of Betterman, but the same glitch exists on the Bacchanel DVD as well so it may have been in the master tape. Rare show that was sold at select Ramones Live shows.

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Crapshoot aka Comatose make it’s live debut, ends after Crazy Mary, encore set is missing. MPEG-1 Layer 2, stereo, kbps, 48 khz. Rather than editing the two angles together, we included both camera angles and give the viewer the magiic to select either camera angle by the DVD menu or by the?


It includes sets by both U2 and mmagic Police from the same night. The size for a DVD is incredibly small, but the quality is ok.

Missing Long road, some cuts in the master tape patched over with stills. Hooker song 1 and Bottom song 4 are cut.

Shadows Fall’s set from same day E, row BB ]. Both angles are dark, but the close-ups obtained are very nice and the screen-projected visuals intense. First 48 minutes are central monocam. Great center shot, very clear with very little shaking.

Recorded complete from woodstock 99s tv airing. Really nice 2cam mix of the Boston show, 1st cam shot from lower right side and the 2nd cam is a center shot.

Aud-shot, single cam, very steady tripod? PCM stereo and DD 5. Both the video and audio are fairly poor. Fantastic compilation of PJ’s Promo Appearances, just click on the date for source and additional infos. This show is broadcast on German television in almost it’s entirity. This idv is strictly in the video department, as there is no noticable difference in the audio.


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Woodstock 94 was transferred from a first generation tape. There are some sound abnormalities in the first 30 seconds. Pretty funny and a little disturbing. A tasteful, 2-cam mix from masters. I cleaned it up and it actually doesn’t sound bad at all.

Audience ivd from the upper left balcony, a little shaky at times and a lot of heads in the way during the first minutes of the show. Source info is not confirmed, chaptermarks are all messed up.

This version has the moderator speeches! If you think Earls Court or Antwerp were bad for hands and heads in the way, this show isn’t for you.

This is pretty damn good, theres just a few flaws to spib out.