I have only had the notebook for a day as compared to my father having his for about 2 months now so I cannot comment on the dirtiness of the white, but the black does not attract dirt at all only fingerprints. Both me and my father on a M, and I am fairly advanced with computers, so I am going to try and help as much as I can here. Seems like Intel placed drivers for several different disk controllers in the same package. I have the same device in the Device Manager: Thanks so much if you find the time to do it. It works perfectly with ” R Figure 7 – Selecting target drive.

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You have three options at this point: Booting in “Safe Mode” was no better.

I am not sure if this will provide you with the correct Bluetooth stack for Windows. Aug 29, Messages: You are posting a reply to: This appears to be a strange flaw in the way the Vista installer is designed. Setup the boot sequence to boot from CD 1st. The black laptop has an Eata display and no fingerprint reader, the white laptop has the upgraded LED display and a fingerprint reader.

Installing XP on a SATA drive in my Dell m1330

Later it will ask you to specify which driver you want to install. The solution A web search yielded a hint that this may have to do with the disk controller drivers. My employer allows me to use any type of computer I want, but for Win-based computers, Win XP is required.


Next download the modded inf file replace it with the existing file and then run the setup files and everything should work perfectly well. This shit has got to go. Any insight would be appreciated.

I recently purchased a Dell Inspiron Laptop that came preloaded with Windows 7. This program is m11330 quite simple to use, but you can become a bit over-zealous and screw things up.

After inserting the vanilla Windows XP disc in, it wouldn’t detect the harddrive. Things got a bit tricky when installing the display card. You may have to run this setup manually after Windows has been installed.

I have no idea what the Flash Cahce does of asta really do anything under Winxp. You may have to register before you can post: I quick resolution for the 1st post was to simply run a repair using the XP install disc and feed the drivers during install using a USB floppy drive.

I have the same device in the Device Manager: Just to avoid dodgy sites or faulty drivers. And I’m not going to skip this plan. Your name or email address: Sataa is the step where we will integrate all our drivers. Remove Explorer Breadcrumbs Windows 7: Windows OS and Software.


SATA harddrive running in AHCI or ATA mode. any difference?

Again, this does NOT install anything. Here is a summary on how I did manage to downgrade it. This is actually the chipset driver and need to be installed manually. Selecting the wrong one will cause you some grief. I went to the Dell support site http: I have all the drivers or know where they are. I will be writing this guide for the 32bit Windows XP setup, so if you are following this guide for 64 bit Windows XP, be careful when downloading and slipstreaming the drivers.

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