To keep data streams manageable – and to save significant disk space when capturing video to your hard drive, H. Tripod-ready universal clip fits laptops, LCD or monitors. I’m a little compulsive. They were seconds long. Will eventually get FCPX, but not today. In the drop down menu in the movie record pane you should see the c as an option, along with your built in isight cam. Dimensions Height x Width x Depth:

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Will eventually get FCPX, but not today. I also have a mac pro 8 core that i will test eventually. If you are interested in actually seeing videos to compare them, I can upload them and post a link if you want. Up in the area with the Apple logo sorry don’t know what its called there will be c902 area that says camera.

Maybe the MBP you have has enough power to handle the file. Small, agile and adjustable, the C Webcam brings a whole new angle to video calling, making you look and sound like a pro.

Anyway, some info that I hope is helpful. Widescreen-ish, unlike “Good” and “Best”. The software that Logitech includes with the camera may offer additional features over Mac OS X alone, but some Mac OS X users find that the Logitech software conflicts with some of their system elements or other installed third-party software.


With QuickTime X, you have 2 choices in the drop-down menu. To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. Visit your preferred video calling solution provider’s website for exact information on system and performance requirements.

Feb 17, 5: Presenters Spotlight All Presenters. Some people are successful using this cam with some software such as logitceh, imovie, skype, etc.

Scan the web and logiteech will find that the c, while an awesome piece of hardware, lacks software to make use of it for the mac and many people mystified as to why it won’t work as they expect and very little that you can do to control features that are available on the windows side.

To keep odx streams manageable – and to save significant disk space when capturing video to your hard drive, H. Jan 28, 8: I’d love more ideas if anybody has – I’ve tried both the Logitech app and and the Webcam Settings software but get nothing from either still, so I have no way of using this camera as yet in any way whatsoever.

Mac Compatible Webcam Reviews

Logitech C Webcam Mac Compatible? One thing I don’t know yet is what will happen if I’m recording a longer file and whether qtX or qt7pro will choke on larger files.


They were seconds long. I have tried everything and its just not running video through the lens even though it sees the camera. That is what I’ve got to find out now.

Logitech C PRO HD Webcam, p Video with Stereo Audio

I believe the Best H. Select the camera in PhotoBooth my preference or Facetime. It’s just a TON of data to deal with.

Looking for support for this product? He says that it requires about a 1 gb per minute for p. Tripod-ready universal clip fits laptops, LCD or monitors. Named the files based on the app qt7pro followed by the quality setting in preferences, the image size and lastly the file size itself. I myself am a youtuber and it took me forever. If that doesn’t work, the app, “Webcam Settings” from the app store formerly “Mactaris” I think will control a number of the features on the cam.

And others not so lucky. No results found No results found: