But i want to use for variable input so i decide to replace it with LM Even a piece of angle aluminum works ok, attached with some thermal epoxy. Taking resistor technology beyond RoHS. Articles Top Articles Search resources. It is convenient for making up simple circuits. You should allow for 14 V with the engine running, so the voltage remaining is either 7. Distorted Sine output from Transformer 6.

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Luxeon III Star Project – Jimmy’s Junkyard

LMT voltage regulator – Maplins sell them for around 70p. Diver Well-Known Member Nov 17, With this higher current, Px would have come out to 2. Think of it this way current is liek a flow, puxeon you want ma to flow through one LED and the same current to flow into the other.

Bad things can happen when you wire them in Parallel. I’d like to use this in my car, but when the engine’s running I get up to 14 volts.

The power rating is 2. Now luxdon constant power source like your truck it should luxeeon ok, but it would be better to run Multiple luxeons off 1 LM if your going to use a 14 V source. You can adjust the current and the voltage by using few resistor or potentiometer. I’d still like to know however, why running my Blues in Parallel fried them, and then replacing only the LED’s with another set in series they ran fine A small piece of strip board – this is circiut board with a grid of punched holes and continuous strips of copper on one side.


Luxeon 1 watt lighting system

I was planning to put 25 on one side and 25 on the other. I have Fried LEDs in this way before. But i want to use for variable input so i decide to replace it with LM Page 1 of 4 1 2 3 4 Last Jump to page: Hmm… this time the beam is more focused. Lm31 you can see, I use two LM I get about ma though that one. Another view from the back side.

What is Power Regulator and how to design it? Aku boleh pesan khan. If you put them in series the currents will all be the same. Then, I glue them up with some epoxy to make sure that the Luxeon will be tighted firmly to the heatsink. I’ll take some pics when it is done. All switches are turned off, means the current is rated at mA.

For 2 LEDs, the current will be 12 – 6. BTW, one of the other important things is heat sinking.


You lm17 always control the current. First off, your first circuit is correct as I just saw it, the second needs labels on the AOI as drawn, left to right.

where is low cutoff for simple LM or LUXEON circuit? | Electronics Forums

If you use a current regulator, it will vary the voltage till the correct current is reached. April 22, at You can think of the LM and the resistor as a two terminal network input to adj pins that’s a ‘smart resistor’ that will only pass current defined by 1. Tertarik juga sama LEDnya. Image resizer by SevenSkins. Knowing this value allows us to find a suitable lm3117 sink.