The printer warns “Left Cartridge Incorrect” and will not print from it. I think I found a memory chip when i opened the printer but im not sure if its the cartridge memory chip or just the bios chip. Got the continue message, and I hit continue. We just have to keep trying. Back to lexmark, has anyone actually found a way to reset the ink counter after a refill???

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Ink Cartridge Colour Compatible With Lexmark X 2500 X 2510 X 2530 X 2550 X 3310

Learning About The Printer They sell the printer at a lexmaek and make up the money on the expensive cartridges. I have an X Lexmark prefer to keep that a closely guarded secret. A couple of the older deals in the past have lecmark come with free USB cables and some with pkgs of photo paper.

To correct this I have to request the document print in “Photo Quality”, thus no savings in ink cost. I told my husband jokingly that this seemed like a conspiracy and he of course looked at me like I was nuts until I stumbled upon this website.

I read all of you.

Lexmark – X Color Inkjet Manuals

There’s no actual way it’s out. Epson has by far the most posts on this lemxark of any inkjet printer. Lets see if the printer actually recognizes the cartridge then. Changing The Paper Type When the bottom row is covered, the printer cannot detect the cartridge.


It might be possible to work on L or series network-ready, low duty printer – one per family is enough. I think I found a memory chip when i opened the printer but im not sure if its the cartridge memory chip or just the bios chip.

If llexmark thread gets popular enough I will desolder it as well as take scans of the chips. After calibration drivers said that cartridges are empty: I looked everywhere on the cartridge and I could not find a chip.

After years of Lexmark printers, I’m switching brands. Improving Print Quality The black cartridge went empty, i refilled it and it worked for a while, but now the computer won’t recognize it. I disabled the stingy Epson status monitor and have never lemark so cheaply in my life. I bought my X because I needed a new scanner and I already had a Z and a waiting for new cartridges.

Lexmark Z Series – Z

I always reccomend Canon and hp Canon may be a bit slower printer but they are a dream to refill and even has removable printhead unlike epson! Anyone with basic electronic skills can repeat this and thus prolong cartridge life for some time. You can still get the “A” series cartridges from Provantage. Partial Document Or Oexmark Scans I cant believe I missed that!


Has anyone tried using 2 different printers that use the same cartridge, swapping an ’empty’ cartridge from one printer to the other? Sapping barcodes might be another step.

I can use a refilled 35 in my x but the ink level shows out. Just tape the bottem line of contacts and it will print.

Make Your Selection

Did you find anything to solve your problem with 36 and 37 lexmark cartridges? Lexmark return program inkjet cartridges are: I recently purchased refilled catridges and it ran the test print in color but when I tried to print in color it told me to buy a new cartridge.

I think the only ways around are: But more importantly to make sure that those who purchase Lexmark printers lrxmark of this so that they do not attempt to cut corners and refill their cartridges and run the risk of their printer shutting down.