Long battery life and the bright display with great viewing angle stability round out the positive attributes. When using the speakerphone, voices sound more muffled, but this doesn’t affect communication at all. All Stars 0 All Stars 0. The display itself also remained completely unaffected. During the review period, the touchscreen translated our commands quickly and precisely.

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The other version – called K6 Note – is a little different, as it comes with a larger 5. The focal length is 3. So plz tell me how can I cancel it. The microSD card performance is also very good at Reviews from Russian Site. The smartphone is equipped with Bluetooth 4. Adaptive brightness is turned on by default and ensures that the brightness is reduced automatically in darker environments. The main camera features a higher pixel count 16 MP and at mAh, the battery is beefier as well.

Please, switch off ad blockers and support us! Sort by Default Default. The 5-inch IPS display features a resolution of x pixels and a pixel density of ppi. The display itself also remained completely unaffected.


Begins in 08 D 08 Min 08 Sec. Choose a scene and navigate within the first image.

The K6 is a very good middle-class smartphone which offers a lot of value for the money. Graphics sort by value.

Lenovo A706

Wiko U Feel Prime. If the items you purchased are non-Joybuy Collection Books; 2. And how many days I get my refund? For the given price point, the 5-inch smartphone has a lot of features: One click on the zoomed-in image opens the original in a new window.

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When we placed calls to other cellphones but also to landline phones, we could understand our conversation partner quite well, even though we noticed a little bit of background noise. Both buttons wiggle slightly, but the side-to-side movement is very minor and certainly not a deal breaker.

Even at very shallow angles, the display remains readable without getting noticeably darker in the process. The lower half of each patch shows the original color.

The flash storage drive has a capacity of 16 GB, but the Android OS and the preinstalled apps take up about 6. The camera menu is well structured and allows the user to select gxm modi like panorama, night mode, HDR, slow motion, and time lapse.


Manual measurement may exist minor difference. There are very bad custom. Battery Information Battery Mmobile Overall sort by value.

The Wiko U Feel Primewhich also only supports 2. The result doesn’t look bad at all, it’s just not very realistic.

Lenovo K6 Smartphone Review – Reviews

During our review, the K6 reacted quickly to inputs and handled multiple apps at the gem time without a hitch. In comparison, all tested devices range from 0. Data Interface Data Interface: The difference between the two modes is quite visible.