The setting of an objective has very little meaning without the participation of those involved. Any violent behavior committed by an employee outside the workplace, which arises out of a contact made at the workplace, may also result in disciplinary action up to and including termination. Active perimeter, foot pursuit, group, a crime-in-progress, etc. The presence of a hostage in the pursuit magnifies the importance of the primary unit maintaining maximum control and ensuring that nonessential units do not become involved in the pursuit. Possible compromise of other investigations by law enforcement. Individual dignity is an integral part of the Department’s management philosophy and must be practiced by everyone.

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Normally, the Department will not grant permission for its equipment or the interior of its facilities to be used for television, motion pictures, or other entertainment productions. Effective law enforcement depends on a high degree of cooperation between the Department and the public it serves.

Avoid creating a competitive situation with another driver, even if they are at fault. There will be no fee charged to the victim. In addition, the Department needs to be aware of an employee who obtains a court order against another Department employee as this may affect workplace efficiency.

Reports and Other Services – Los Angeles Police Department

In addition, the responsibility remains with the Areas to ensure short term locations are removed in a timely manner by submitting an e-mail or an Intradepartmental Correspondence to the ADSD. The degree of public cooperation that can be secured diminishes, proportionally, the necessity for the use of physical force and compulsion in achieving police objectives. A large amount of distinctive property which could connect a suspect with the crime is stolen.


In addition, the booking officer shall:. Submit the Area copy and attachments to the Area office for review and retention.

The Department shall make every effort to obtain evidence by consent of the media through voluntary, cooperative means. Saving lives and aiding rwckless injured, locating lost persons, keeping the peace, and providing for many other miscellaneous needs are basic services provided by the Department. They recognized that a well-informed citizenry is vital to the effective functioning of a democracy. Inspector General, Police Commission. In those instances where the driving of the official is a danger to others, a supervisor shall recklss summoned to the scene.

File A Police Report Online

When a fowl or an animal except reptiles bites a person, a telephonic report shall be made to the Rabies Control Division, County Health Department. Date the Special Order is read.

To acquaint the public with the law enforcement task, the Department will hold “open house” and, upon request, conduct tours of police facilities. In California, there is a special accrual rule that applies to the recovery of art or historical objects Civil Procedures Code c. However, it can be a felony to maliciously maim, wound, torture, or mutilate a living animal.

Under redkless circumstances officers should advise the news reporters or their superiors of the possible consequences lqpd publication; however, officers may not interfere with news reporter’s activities as long as that performance remains within the confines of the law. Community relations is manifested by positive interaction between the people and the police and represents their unity and common purpose.

The police seek and preserve public favor, not by catering to public opinion, but by constantly demonstrating absolutely impartial service to the law without regard to the justice or injustice of the substance of individual laws; by readily offering individual service and friendship to all members of society; by the ready exercise of courtesy and friendly good humor; and by readily offering individual sacrifice in protecting and preserving life.


Document the notification and other relevant information on a Follow-up Investigation report or other appropriate report. The loss of the pursued vehicle, or unknown location of the pursued vehicle.

The pursued vehicle is traveling in excess of reckleds mph; The size of the pursued vehicle is significantly heavier than the primary unit’s police car e. Individuals experiencing homelessness often have unique circumstances which require special consideration when they are a victim of a crime, witness to a crime, or redkless of violating the law. Strikes and mass or circular picketing are not, in themselves, lwpd of the law.

The pursuing unit shall give frequent and comprehensive progress reports as conditions permit. The teletype shall be sent to the custodial detention officer and shall contain the inmates booking number, name, and “REQ.

In addition to any crime or arrest reports, complete the Board-Up Report, Form Place the copy of the Animal Relinquishment and Impound Record, Form 30, with the arrestee’s personal property.

Within each objective, there may be a number of ancillary objectives, each of which, if attained, contributes to the accomplishment of the police mission. When an officer questions a person in the field, he or she may record the lapv of that interview on a Field Interview FI Report, Form The information contained in the recklesx nine lines of the Booking and Identification Records, Form