When more toner is used, the ratio of toner to carrier decreases and the toner sensor output voltage increases. Pressure is applied by the fixing unit pressure springs so that the toner on the paper is melted, fused and fixed onto the paper. Turn the container upside-down and tap the top 15 times. Tablets by David Carnoy Dec 13, Correction data based on the absolute humidity Remove the stop ring and bushing and pull DF feed shaft unit the DF feed shaft unit out. Also used to clear the drive time after replacing the drum.

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Kyocera Mita KM-1810 Service Manual

U Setting the surface potential Description Changes the surface potential by changing the grid control voltage. If necessary, protect it with a cable cover or other appropriate item.

Purpose To check the use of the DF. Cools the machine interior. Remove the printer cover and rear cover.

Gear Gear Stop ring Page Page Page – Adjustment after roller and clutch repla Select the item to be operated using the copy exposure adjustment keys. Option plate Pins Figure 2. Lift the fixing section release levers and close the paper conveying cover. Kyoceera feed guide 2. To remove paper jammed in the copier, open the paper conveying cover or pull the drawer out.



Remove the two C rings, gear and two bushings and then remove the heat kyocwra. A selection item appears. In this copier management mode, default settings can be changed.

Primary paper feed from the bypass tray. Avoid multiple connections to one outlet: When using an extension cable, always check that it is adequate for the rated current Check the number of copies made with the current developer.

Purpose To check the current setting of the maintenance items, or paper jam kyofera service call occurrences.

Purpose To set how the image density is altered by a kyicera of one step in the manual density adjustment. Purpose To prevent variations in halftone due to differences in drum sensitivity. Remove the printer cover, right cover and contact glass. Pull the drawer out and open the front cover, Waste toner tank bypass tray and paper conveying unit. If the margins are still incorrect, perform the above adjustments in maintenance mode.

Page of Go. Remove the DF original switchback cover see page Loop the scanner wires around the outer grooves in the pulleys on the mirror 2 frame, winding from above to below Insert the network board along the rails as far as it will go.


Kyoceda the two screws holding the exposure lamp and then the lamp. Before initializing the backup RAM, output a list of the current settings of the maintenance items to reenter the settings after initialization or replacement.

Page – Fitting the scanner wires Page Page Page – Detaching and refitting the km-1180 scanne U U U P. When the optional drawer is installed, do not pull more than one drawer out at a time.

Primary feed conveys paper from the upper drawer, lower kjocera or bypass tray to the left and right registration rollers, at which point secondary feed takes place and the paper travels to the transfer section in sync with the printing timing. Remove the screw holding the original feed guide and then the guide. Remove the tape keeping the cover of the printer Printer board board from rotating.