Needless to say since my printer had been idle for so long, the ink cartridges and printheads had expired. The white wheel was black and cleaned up fine If there is little or no bleeding, then the printhead is toast or else the ink supply is not making it to the printhead. Unplug the connector from the sensor on the side of the plastic framework. Once you have learned the tric you will be able to repair the printer in 5 minutes.

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HP Download and Install Assistant makes it easy to download and install your software. Nolan, I replaced the cyan printhead and now I find that 3 of the white buttons dongles koda not working, even though they were working before I started using this printer a couple of months ago.

The black printhead bleeds only a little bit of ink into the alcohol prep pad. Remove the top cover by lifting it up from the right side. I even tried buying a new cartridge at a different store.

If it is expecially gunky, dip your q-tip in isopropyl alcohol. Kdoak been a true workhorse and is still going strong. If you can get the right angle, you may be able to see ink flow through the tubes at the printhead end. Alright, I’ll quit ranting. I even got the light error code document. Is it worth getting ink for?


HP 2000c Inkjet Printer Ink Cartridges

If you can afford it, grab another black ink from the office supply store and see if that works. I’d rule out everything else before I’d get into flushing the ink delivery tubes. If these methods do not help, then I will get back to you with Plan B I have a solid black line, a solid blue yellow koda, and a solid red line. Before you buy any ink, look in the area where the ink cartridges go, and you will see a white “pad” under where each ink cartridge fits.

I’d be surprised if you still weren’t printing after performing these two steps. Genuine Original HP Product. It only bled a little bit? Enter the details koddak your question here: Then again, I always do seem to pursue lost causes. Every since then, I get black steakes that run parallel down the long side of the paper on the back of any prints I do. Need help with printer codes.


Resolutions of up to dpi can be created.

HP c Printer series. Pictures will be great help!

Is there any way to over ride prinetr out of date on the ink cartridges. You may have to print several to correct ink flow problems. Thanks for the advise. Is it the tray that holds the printheads?

HP Professional C | FixYourOwnPrinter

The printheads are kind of hidden and are a little bigger that 1 inch high by 1 inch long and about a quarter inch thick. Thanks in advance if you have any more ideas? I can hear and feel some ink in the cyan cartridge too. If that doesn’t work, try printrr the black ink cart.

The tool required is essentially an L-shaped bracket with the long side measuring about 4 inches and the short side measuring about an inch.

See if that fixes your problem.