However on the other side of things, it’s a perfect club to play a nice consistent, powerful draw with. I had a Ping G2 driver but i struggled with long game reaching par 4’s in three shots sometimes. The design of the club is also intended to create a slight draw bias in ball flight for players. When you first hold the club in your hands, you are likely to notice that the S9 – 1 F Driver is quite light in weight. Within 2 days I get the driver by UPS in home.

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Deon on August 17, at 5: This is truly the best driver to remedy a cobrx that I have ever hit and I am considering buying a second one to keep in the cupboard to use when my one wears out. And this was quite a regular occurrence, because this Cobra Driver was also very forgiving and reliable. Then you can follow this link to the Cobra Golf website.

CG is the name of the game for the new Cobra G Driver. The best of the lot though I was the Cobra with Titleist right up there too. Thank goodness i tried the S9 pro D, it save me from a long season of bad shots with the R 9. I needed more height.


Other notables for the Cobra S is the new Hotter 9 Points technology to further increase clubface efficiency. I have a bad fade, but this driver is great. Give this stud a try, I believe you will love it!! The draw bias does its job well, and we found it almost impossible to send a ball off to the right.

Lofts available are 9. Went to a demo days and hit quite a few drivers. I had a Ping G2 driver but i struggled with long game reaching par 4’s in three shots sometimes. Is longer than previous club,so much so as to make me more competitive. Great club easy to swing and inspires confidence at address. By submitting a review you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions. You are not likely to find very many, if any golfers, who have a bad thing to say about the performance of this S9 – 1 F Driver.

The doctors did that.

I have been driving well and my handicap has plumeted from 14 to 7. Played with he and his son and broke Quite a statement to make. Ross McNeil on May 14, at 2: The large face and head just make it so easy to launch the golf ball with, and on a solid, powerful trajectory as well.


Cobra S F/ST Driver Review – Golfalot

This is by far the best driver I have ever hit. On the course 13 straight and long drives. All in all very happy will be using again: Sorry, there was an error in submitting your review. After testing, we noticed the dispersion rate was terrible with the HiBore but very good with a jing driver as the R5, using a Fujikura ZComm Six.

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I was hitting it further and straighter. Our man certainly found that when he gave it a rip on the simulators — carry was consistently up around the yard mark which is a considerable yards longer than his usual pitiful efforts. I just ordered the matching three wood and I have high expectations of it also. The results were unbelievable. The Pro D is ideal for those you wanting a lower, more seped balls flight, while the Pro S will help those wanting to dsgree higher launch angle.