Please keep it all coming. Family Fest ScriptFest X: Thanks for letting us in there. I thought the sunset stuff looked so good when I first saw it and it still looks good after seeing it again, with the color of that car and all Contact Us – Archive – Top. I just soak it all in.

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Key and Peele | CCUK

I just soak it all in. I love how much you give back to the community. Please keep it all coming. Did you shoot the front stuff as two shots and then punch in in post? Links monetized by VigLink.

I’ve only ever done green screens for car interiors like that. When you see a finished project and see how it was done, that’s pure gold! I thought the sunset stuff looked so good when I first saw it and it still looks good after seeing it again, peeoe the color of that perle and all Thanks a million for sharing this. It’s no wonder you were able to capture their stellar improv so well.


It’s a fascinating process and the results are really great. I think the F3s held up pretty well! I would love to see that setup. This allowed us to roll much longer takes and no-one had to bake in the heat.

Last Jump to page: Results 31 to 40 of Thanks for letting us in there. Liko guys are killing it this season, Charles. Tremendous lighting challenge to make all 5 angles look good and not wash out the projection screens!

37 best Seinfeld (Season 3) images on Pinterest | Season 3, Seinfeld and Limo

Are they widely available or is that someone doing custom boutique stuff out there with you peeele Thanks for the posts Charles! It looks really great.

High noon shadowed from the top. Are they put out of focus themselves or is that the selective focus of the lens and they are in when you shoot them? What a treat to see this. Originally Posted by CharlesPapert. Originally Posted by Spartacus.


Also glad I found this thread! We shot the exteriors of the car in the desert, and the rest was shot rear-projection with 5 lmio simultaneously the background plates were shot on the exact same stretch of road.

Key and peele nazi limo driver

Family Fest ScriptFest X: Very interested in all the details you’ve posted. WOW I’m so glad I logged in today and anv this thread.

Originally Posted by Stephen Mick. The puppet scene anr to be my favorite so far. I also noticed how you changed the light in the car to match the time of day on the plates.