You are commenting using your WordPress. Had to fix by booting install disk, going to terminal and removing all graphics related kexts. For ethernet, leave the NVidia ethernet selected, unselect anything not to do with NVidia ethernet and select forcedeath. Keep this window open while you run the downloaded update and install it You have video working with QE? I’m works in ichat, but not photo booth still trying to fix headphones:

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HCL 10.5.2/Portables

Then select to install on Leopard and click continue. I repaired permissions after install and did a reboot again with the -f flag just to make sure it was loaded and running smooth. Disabled don’t freak out we’ll turn it back on later Boot Priority: The Wi-Fi Card and everything. O but I can tell you to go through the normal torrent sites.

Installing OS X on Acer Aspire A from ver – |

Many thanks to BlueCopter for editing this first post for all of us, and many thanks to the other members of this Forum that have helped us out…. Sign up for a new account in our community.


Selected all audio and worked fine LAN: Google will give you a better description. Only can run for 20 minutes ka,yway. If thats too steep for you, at least purchase a license to os x leopard. Make sure read everything in the guide.

Also I plan on getting a better audio driver to allow for input qifi I belive AnV is working on one but this might be a long shot for now. I believe it has to do with the PM chipset. Eventually I installed iDeneb Click on the disk, not a partition. Post Install Dell Package 1.

Go out and buy a cheap USB flash drive. Only problems the started first only run with Kalyway installer and the USB ports, but they have solution. Due to excessive spammer activity, registrations have been disabled. Used Leo4All V3, Vanilla kernel 9.

HCL 10.5.2/Desktops

Status should indicate Connected and useable IP Address. Feel free to select any third party software you want. K i fixed my problem with the help of Antaholics on the insanelymac forums.


Hi all Someone know a good guide, video presentation on how to efficiently disassemble a T and repaste the CPU? Keep this window open while you run the downloaded update and install it After the install, I modified Info. All burns completed successfully.

I used a retail copy of the 10.5.2. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Its stuck in the off mode and I cannot turn it on. Posted June 5, Kalyway hangs during install. Yes the WLAN is enabled. The install may freeze just one minute before ending, just give it some time, or turn it off and reinstalling again not formatting the drive. I’m not sure if wifj supports it, how do I find out?