The mobile device can connect to the website using the wireless network service provider associated with the mobile device In such an embodiment, the smart card reader interface uses radio-frequency waves to communicate with the chip embedded within the contactless smart card. Thus, a consumer is able to purchase the desired modules and combine them to form the casing enclosure of the mobile accessory. Moreover, the external processing accessory may transmit to and receive data from the application specific accessory In one embodiment, the top section may include a female connector groove that receives a male connector rail of the bottom section Additionally, the external interface may provide a pass-through signaling interface for the internal interface connector , thereby allowing the mobile device to communicate to an external source via the external interface An application resident on the mobile device’s memory may be executed by the processing circuit to cause the menu to be displayed on the mobile device’s output interface

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The wireless communication accessory of claim 1wherein the processor is configured to receive and execute an instruction received from the mobile device through the internal interface. Capturing and processing data responsive to a task associated with consumer research, survey, or poll.

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The merchant account provider may then distribute a corresponding public kwin to the payment processing accessorywhich may be stored on the memory circuit The ush-2902 NFC device may be pay station that receives and processes payment. In this fashion the magnetic strip swiping region is not obstructed by the user’s hand when the payment processing accessory housing the mobile device is held is held along the first and second sides and The wireless communication accessory of claim 16further comprising a battery cell enclosed in the first portion and coupled through the processor to the internal interface.

In some embodiments, the first antenna can be mounted next to jdin near a mobile device, and the second antenna can be mounted at, near, or along an external wall to extend the communication range beyond the thickness of the protective case. The application may also utilize GPS hardware us-2902 on the mobile device or within the accessory to monitor exactly where the transactions took place. Consequently, one aspect provides for reducing the size of a primary circuit board by adding secondary circuit boards and which are electrically coupled to the primary circuit board For example, the top module may be a bar code scanner, the middle module may be finger print reader, and the bottom module may be a credit card reader e.


The internal interface connector is configured to physically and communicatively couple to a corresponding mobile device interface of the mobile device. For example, a third party vendor may wish to manufacture an application specific mobile device accessory that measures blood glucose levels. The Ferrite layer can be attached to another insulator layer e. The casing may be used to house an external processing accessory, NFC accessory, TV receiver accessory, or a payment processing accessory.

In another embodiment, the external processing accessory communicatively couples through external interface to an application specific accessory configured to scan such finger print data. In another embodiment, the bottom end portion of the casing may house the internal interfacecryptography modulemagnetic strip reader processing circuitmagnetic strip reader interfacememoryand the data bus of the magnetic strip payment processing accessory At blockthe re-transmitted signal can be received by the antenna kwin the mobile electronic device.

For example, a usv-2902 or other circuitry for the protective case can be disposed between the antennas and Such a connection may also serve to physically secure the NFC accessory to the mobile device However, in another embodiment, the power cell modules, and may be housed within the thickness of the back plane of the casing The bus allows for communication between the memory modulethe smart card reader processing circuitthe smart card reader interfacethe internal interfaceand the encryption module The first antenna can be mounted to the back plane e.

Bottom Mounted Simple Casing All of the mobile device accessories disclosed herein, including for example, the external processing accessorymagnetic card payment processing accessorysmart card payment processing accessoryNFC accessoryand TV receiver accessory may be housed within a casing as shown in FIGS.

In some embodiments, the third antenna can be positioned in a third peripheral device.


A fourth opening may provide access to a volume control sliding switch. In one embodiment, the plurality of applications that are associated with application specific accessories may be stored on the uzb-2902 circuit near the time of production of the external processing accessory Play any PC game, that supports only keyboard and mouse, with your gamepad, flight-stick or wheel. In various embodiments disclosed herein, the protective case can include an interface configured to couple to a device interface on the mobile electronic device to provide an electrical connection for the battery of the protective case to charge the mobile electronic device.


Another feature may provide for one or more speakers to be included as part of the battery packs or holster illustrated in FIGS. For example, the first antenna can be positioned a distance of jwiin than or equal to about 3 centimeters, less than or equal to about 2 centimeters, less than or equal to about 1 centimeter, less than or equal to about 0. The signed data may then be securely transmitted to the mobile device which then transmits the account information and purchase amount to the merchant account provider for decryption and approval.

Electronic device, electronic apparatus mounting electronic device, article mounting electronic device, and method for manufacturing electronic device. The protective case can include a repeater antenna that includes a first antenna disposed on a first side of the supplemental battery, a second antenna disposed on a second side of the supplemental battery, and an electrical connection that electrically couples the first antenna to the second antenna. In another embodiment, the LED lights may indicate the signal strength of the TV signals being received from the TV service provider by the TV receiver accessory The wireless communication accessory of claim 18further comprising a battery cell enclosed in the first portion and communicatively coupled through the processor to the internal interface when the second portion is seated against the first portion.

For example, a unique database management application for a particular data management usb-292 can be designed and created using the SDK tools available on the data jwun mobile accessory’s memory Many alternative structures are possible.