I bought a Ion video2PC transfer system, and am happily transfering my dusty mini dv tapes to my laptop and thence to DVD. Show More Show Less. A solid, stable camera that’s a pleasure to use and doesn’t let down despite a couple of minor shortcomings. I want to capture Mini DV tapes and transfer them to my laptop. It offers a 1. Pinnacle is one company that makes a good one.

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Your comment about the Dell seems odd.

Dubbing To A Vcr For More Accurate Editing capturr Explanation Of Camera Circuit Video works great and taking just photos is easy too. A great camera for the money, with a host of features for the average joe, and even a little bit for those getting more serious into video.

I’ve never put a camcorder on a hard drive. Sometimes you have to test the limits.

This JVC Compact camcorder is designed for those who are searching for a fun, slimline and convenient operation. The 16x Optical zoom on the camera works well, and 16x is higher than a lot of other cameras in this price gr-dvl05. Was the camcorder in “Play” mode?


Connect JVC Mini-DV camcorder to pc without firewire port – Forums – CNET

Born To Shoot- A new breed of digital video camera. Featuring an impressive x super digital zoom with spline interpolation and picture stabilizer, the JVC video camera features Night Alive for low-light recording. The three exposure modes of automatic, manual and program, ensures the photographer can capture videos in different lights.

JVC mini DV cam to captuge. Based on a straight forward idea- that a better camera produces a better picture. JVC Digital Cybercam’s offer the highest level of picture and sound quality.

Any detail on the firewire cable? This is why i was looking for a external hub, but i see your point with the usb quality issue – i’d hate to upload crappy vids. Did you already try everything suggested in the 17 posts in this thread before yours? Now, even the playback feature has stopped working. The GR-DX with its smart design allows you to hold the camcorder in the palm of your hand or vertically thanks to a second zoom control.

JLIP Video Capture Ver/JLIP Video Producer Ver for Windows

Only movies from it. Sorry, there was a problem flagging this post. Sadly there is no capability to add or change lenses on this camera, forcing you to use the standard lense that’s built on. Audio Signal Processing It this model meant to be used with a computer for transferring Mini DV gr-dv805



I bought a Ion video2PC transfer system, and am happily transfering my dusty mini dv tapes to my laptop and thence to DVD. Important Product Safety Instructions Nightshot could be better, no attachment mount, no way captjre attach lenses.

Installing The Batteries This means you use the nightshot mode when in darker areas, and sadly, the nightshot in this camera only works so-so. Playback zoom lets you move in for a closer look Section 1 Outline Of The Procucts I mean isn’t that why you buy a mini DV?