SQL is sent to the server each time without any preparation, literals are inserted in the SQL slower. If you’ll look at the query you are trying to execute, you’ll see that it probably returns an update count first, followed by a ResultSet. However, you can run any of the benchmarks yourself, the effort is minimal. What do I have to do? The only part of jTDS we guarantee is thread safe is the Connection object, and multi threaded access to Statement s is discouraged except for issuing cancels. Check out the jTDS feature matrix for more details. I’m trying to connect to SQL Server 6.

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A tip for finding your sql server’s IP: Memory usage keeps increasing when using generated PreparedStatements. The client may be suspended if the system log fills so check that the log space is sufficient for the batch you are trying to load. Pascal Thivent k Bitbucket Server latest 5. If you are wanting to set the username and password in the connection string too instead of against a connection object separately:.

When executing large batches on Sybase the client application may hang or the response time may vary considerably. In case you are wondering if this is right, this is a quote from the CallableStatement API documentation: If your program is accessing a named instance not the default instance in the database DO NOT specify the port but you must specify the instance name. In our oppinion this is better than having a benchmark of our own, which could be designed in such a way as to give jTDS the edge.


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This is common if say you are querying a stored procedure that creates a eql table, runs updates against it and then returns the table as a result set. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Features such as generated keys retrieval, named stored procedure parameters, and save points are also implemented.

Incorrect Behavior CallableStatement output parameter getter throws java. Sign up using Facebook.

JDBC Drivers for Microsoft SQL Server – DbVisualizer

For example, if you have a method that inserts a row into a table by creating a PreparedStatementusing it once and then closing it, your statement will be compiled only once for each Servreno matter how many times you call that method.

In order to change that you have to specify it explicitly in the Properties or the URL you supply when you create the connection. As a general principle we try and jvbc synchronization to a minimum both for performance and deadlock reasons.

The “Connection refused” exception is thrown by jTDS when it is unable to connect to the server.

I didn’t find the answer to my problem in this FAQ. Until telnet doesn’t connect, jTDS won’t either.

As the server itself does not return an SQL state code, the SQLMessage class associates native error numbers with SQL state codes actually there’s a very comprehensive map there ; SQL Server originated errors and warnings that are not found in this map are given a default code of ‘S’, respectively ”.


Although queries returning multiple results are not very common, it is the reason why this behavior is customizable from the URL. Because there is no URL when using the JtdsDataSource there are three other properties with setters and getters to take the place of those items that are part of the URL’s syntax: If you encountered an issue that you have tested and retested and you’re sure it’s a bug, use the Bugs link on top of the page.

While you are using getConnection function. That syntax worked when connecting to the server and instance using SSMS, but it didn’t work when connecting through the Java driver.

You will have to use the instance property either append it to the URL or place it into the Properties you supply to getConnection instead of doing it the Microsoft way. JDBC4 was introduced with Java 6.

Why do column names more than 30 characters long, get chopped off at 30 characters? In this case it’s the net. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie jdgcand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

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