Setting the row set size to a value other than one. Invalid Column Number You attempted to access a column that was not part of the statements results. In addition to implementation differences, the Data Access Driver utilizes a different, more efficient, read-only JDBC driver to access the database. In the meantime, I had a responsibility to deliver these reports and had to resort to ODA and Access to fill in the gaps but I did not anticipate the demand and I had no idea at the time that users opinions were not canvassed on the reports I was working on this has now been rectified. MicroSoft Query selects a page at a time. Select this option to convert currency fields to the correct values.

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All references to decimal-shifted columns are modified to shift the decimal point to cause the result data to be correct. Ensure you choose the correct instance type for your intended installation.

If you get this error when you attempt to connect to a data source, you might need to create a default data source. Option Name Description Convert User Defined Codes Select this option to return the associated description of the user-defined field instead of the user-defined code. Management Agent is installed on target machine.

Refer to Upload Software Components. Select this option to convert currency fields to the correct values.

Adding a data source Configuring a data source Removing a data source. Jv conversion of column data resulted in a truncation of the value. Invalid Type of Request You attempted to use a configuration option that is unknown to the driver. Accesss you could simply give your users a copy of Crystal Reports and they can write their own reports making use of the jdeDirect ODBC driver.


The associated description is more descriptive because it is a text description instead of a code that is used for the user-defined code. Invalid Cursor State You attempted an operation that was not valid for the state that the driver is in, for example: Once you log on, you will not see the Solution Explorer because it is only activated so that the ODA driver can check security and environment mappings. You must close some applications and try the operation again.

A system data source is a data source that you have set up with a system data source name DSN. Easily create reports and analyze data from ERP system with tools such as Crystal Reports, Brio, Excel, and others, while isolating those reports from changes in the underlying ERP system due to version upgrades, customization, or data relocation.

ERP Systems

This makes it difficult to supply general purpose reporting tools. The driver encountered an error when attempting to display the connection dialog. Enteerpriseone times are GMT Data Returned for One or More Columns was Truncated An attempt to convert a column to a numeric value caused a truncation of decimal digits. Specify the description of the driver that you are adding.

OpenAccess ERP Systems

Currency columns are limited to single-column references in the selected columns list. MicroSoft Edwaeds selects a page at a time. By using pass-through queries, you work directly with the tables on the server instead of having the Microsoft Jet database engine process the data. ODA returns media data in plain text or rich text format RTF and truncates entetpriseone binary data, such as an image.


If you choose not to customize the list of functions enabled in ODA, the system uses a default list of settings.

GLDVJ, etc – I can’t recall the other dates from memory and if possible, what do I enable in the datasource for the dates to show up I have enabled everything to datw with dates by clicking the “advanced” button when creating the datasource name. Advanced configuration is optional. Quickly opens access to ERP data from off-the-shelf commercial tools like Microsoft Access, Crystal Reports, Brio, Excel and others Works with the site-specific implementation of the ERP system, displaying tables and columns based on current meta-data and using meaningful names to make accdss easier for users to work with the data Supports distribution of data and meta-data in two or more databases.

Data Source The data that you want to access, as well as the operating system, DBMS, and network platform for the data. Configure a data source. Run a query using Microsoft Excel. You can also select one or more table and business view display Options. The driver then changes the value to an acceptable default value and uses this message to let you know that the value has changed. Data Source Does Not Exist This error occurs when you attempt to use a data source that does not exist.

This section discusses error messages that you might receive.