This review was originally posted on VersionTracker. The screen shots below were taken over this VNC connection, which is why they are a little “grainy”. The software works well, but as for actual contacts, customer support, or free upgrades, The product works well, the company and website don’t. At first, I was disappointed because I had hoped to have one large contiguous chunk of storage space so I could avoid having to manage free space – which was causing me to procrastinate in doing my backups. Obviously, accessing your network requires that you have already configured a DMZ Host or Port Forwarding in your home router. If they change their source, I’ll have to go and change the grep command, but for now it works. Here’s what my happy little Cube is up to most of the time.

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SpeedTools ATA Hi-Cap Driver

As you can see in the pictures below, supportt Cube is such a nice piece of decor that it stands out as a contrast in my office full of junk!

So, my blind trust in Intech’s tools paid off and I can say I am a happy customer. No problems whatsoever – does exactly what it claims. This final result gets set to a variable, which becomes the body of a new message.

Groovechicken Studios

Remember that I was already using this machine as a NAS, so this tutorial is not about setting up every detail from scratch, but rather taking an existing install and cloning it over to a new large drive and then taking advantage of the additional size using the Intech software.

The posting of advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks is prohibited. For 25 bucks this is a steal. My third fetish is the one we’ll be satisfying today Thank You for Submitting a Reply,! Using my script does save you a few extra clicks, though. Assuming the clone comes out right, I think I may be sticking with QuickBack for my cloning needs in the future. So, you could easily install a printer then go into the Sharing section of System Preferences and enable Printer Sharing.


I have learned the hard way over the years not to take chances with drives, so I’ll pass on this. I open up QuickBack, choose the internal drive for my Source, then choose the external as my Target. There were no tricks to the original setup, though.

Speedtools Ata Hi-cap Driver Download – moo-films

They have clips that prevent them from falling out when they are removed from the drive, so no magnetic tip is needed here. Even if I’m just downloading the latest version of Cyberduck at 10MB, if I’m doing it at the coffee shop the network is clogged enough to begin with so it would be nice to offload that to my Cube which is sitting at home waiting for something to do.

Below are my own implemented features and some additional ideas to get you started on your own NAS.

Once again, AppleScript to the rescue. This Cube is running a basic install of OS X My purchase is listed on my Intech account, so, even on their website, I’m considered to be a legitimate customer, eligible for an update. I then installed MacOS The old driver wasn’t compatible.

Network Attached Storage Cube

I skimmed some reviews to verify that it seemed to work and decided to go this route as I could make a much better NAS for my entry by getting massive storage while retaining the footprint and cable count. Network Ibtech Storage Cube [originally submitted to the MacMod contest in ] Those who are familiar with my modding career know that I have 3 fetishes when it comes to modding.


I now have no choice but to dispute the purchase and question the legitimacy of Intech with Visa. Works fine on a dual G4 GB internal. So, I’ve been seeing a lot of Ca; make their rounds on the Low End Mac Swap List Google Group lately and have been feeling sad for the poor little unappreciated orphans.

It boots great, it mounts everytime and I got an unexpected surprise, its now faster!

The install process is quick and painless and requests a restart when it is done. The first is that Safari uses those placeholder files while it is downloading, so it is very easy to see by checking the folder whether a file is done or not.

Login or create an account to post a review. Yep, works just fine.

Intfch tried to call — the number was disconnected. After the partitioning was over, the drive now showed up as a single partition in Disk Utility and I could not “see” the free space. It was a Sat.

I figured I could use this year’s entry as a way to let people know that there is still at least one very good use for their old Cubes.