On the InstallMate – Installer options project page, make sure that the Installation level option is set to Administrator. Follow the prompts to install the file. I just don’t want these thing when users install imdisk driver with my program. Creating an INF File for a File System Driver The following sections in the File System Filter Drivers section regarding installing and uninstalling file system filter drivers is also applicable to file system drivers. This remains true even if the SharedDlls reference count of the file is unreliable as is often the case. For Microsoft Windows XP and later operating systems, you should install your file system drivers by using an INF file and an installation application. You could just install imdisk.

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Registration of the device driver with Windows To register a device driver with Windows, you must add certain keys and values to the registry.

Installing and Registering Device Drivers

Are you sure that no antivirus software etc are blocking loading of driver binaries or something? You currently have javascript disabled. You could get all sorts of strange phenomenons if you use incorrect service type in this way. Be aware of the fact that most, if not all, device drivers themselves are platform dependent in the same manner.

However when I tried to start the service using ” sc start Imdisk ” or with ” net start Imdisk ” it failed with error as I had encountered initially.


Choose the type you’d like to provide: Read about this change in our blog post. This will open the file’s inxtall wizard. All this is subject to the usual rules for file installation; in particular, InstallMate will correctly handle updates of existing copies of the file based on a version check, if available and will only remove the device driver or service if no other applications use it.

However when I copy just the Imdisk. The reason is to simply check and compare my driver which basically creates virtual drives and imdisk. Furthermore, if your device driver requires non-standard startup attributes, you might have to use the previous method after all.

The net result is that the device driver or service will be installed and registered when your application is installed, and unregistered and removed when your application is uninstalled. You can also change the file’s component afterwards by right-clicking on the file and choosing Assign to component.

Installing imdisk.sys manually using sc.exe

Select the newly added file in the files list to display its settings in the File attributes pane, then check that the following options are set:.

Then instal for example: There are two ways to do so: Service name – the internal name of your device driver Install action – Start Service Remove action – Instakl Service this will also stop the device driver Right-click on the Service Action object, then choose Assign to Component from the context menu and select the DevNT component. Note that “INF-based installation” means only that you will need to use an INF file to copy files and to store information in the registry.


Once clicked, it will lead to a list of SYS files. So just pick imdisk.

Thank you very much for your smart way digital sign only. You could just install imdisk. If desired, add a new ServiceControl item and set its attributes instlal follows: Set the other attributes as required by your device driver.

I’ve forgotten my password. I might annoy you, but could you please tell me how to config these things or could you please package for me?

Installing and Registering Device Drivers

What is wrong here, what am I missing? The installation will begin and will take only a moment. Right-click on the Service object, then choose Assign to Component from the context menu and select the DevNT component. Brought to you by Techwalla. I am new to this, but then how can I am able to create and start my driver, but not Imdisk, considering the fact that both are file system drivers. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled.

ImDisk is not in any way a filesystem driver.