Page 74 Windows From a word processor, spreadsheet, browser, or other application, select File Click Properties. Page 12 Automatic document feeder and scanner glass flatbed Note: Setting The Duplex Option Setting the duplex option Place the original document in the automatic document feeder facing up, short-edge first. Setting the duplex option Place the original document in the automatic document feeder facing up, short-edge first. For example, 2-up would print two pages of your document on a single page, and 4-up would print four pages of your document on a single page.

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A note identifies something that could help you. Power Power Consumption Sleep.

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PC Connectivity Connection Availability. A document can be scanned directly to an FTP site. Page Stop 16 control panel menus preventing access converting existing files to standard template 1-column appendix copies flatbed 29 quick 28 copy from 29 one size to another 32 to 30 copy quality adjusting 36 copy screens 29 copy tray selection 33 copying 28 duplexing 35 enlarging Installing Memory Or Option Cards Installing 6150 or option cards If installing memory or option cards sometime after setting up the MFP, turn the MFP off and unplug the power cord from the wall outlet before continuing You can customize the Infopint memory capacity and connectivity by adding optional cards.

If this equipment causes harm to the telephone network, the telephone company will notify you in advance that temporary discontinuance of service may be required. Clearing jams By carefully selecting print media and loading it properly, you should be able to avoid most paper jams.


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Printing The Menu Settings Page Index Index address book 51 adjust paper tray 79 adjusting Power Saver screen timeout adjusting quality 36 Advanced Password, menu protection Advanced Password, setting appendix template 1-column applying template to existing files 1-column appendix Asterisk button 16 authorized supplies dealers automatic size sensing 93 automatic tray linking Page The Quality menu control panel options can be adjusted to help improve print quality. Infoprrint the MFP paper tray, and remove any jammed media.

The inside of the MFP may be hot. Fax Machine Features Broadcast Transmission. Opens a screen where you can enter the size and type of paper on which your copies will be printed. Replacing The Shield Environmental Parameters Min Operating Inroprint.

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Using the scanner Basic functions of the scanner The provides copy, fax, and scan-to-network capability for large workgroups. Using The Scanner Before loading transparencies, fan the stack to prevent sheets from sticking together.

Page 3 This symbol indicates the presence of a hot surface or component. Copying mixed-sized media You can place mixed-sized original documents in the ADF and then copy them.

Installing And Removing Options Installing and removing options Installing input options After installing the drivers, verify the computer recognizes your installed options by: Scanning to a USB flash memory device Place the original document in the automatic document feeder ADF facing up or on the scanner glass flatbed facing down.


Creating shortcuts Instead of entering the entire phone number of a fax recipient on the control panel each time you want to send a fax, you can create a permanent fax destination and assign a shortcut number.

Push the release latch, and open the top front cover. Multiple Page Infoprimt Entering an e-mail address Place the original document facing up in the automatic document feeder or facing down on the scanner glass flatbed. Repeat Print If you send a Repeat Print job, the MFP prints all requested copies of the job and stores the job in memory so you can print additional copies later.

The Held Jobs screen appears.

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Notice to users infoprinf the New Zealand telephone network The following are special conditions for the Facsimile User Instructions. The selected level serves as a minimum level of protection. Conserving supplies Several settings in your application software or through the touch screen let you conserve toner and paper. Page Symptom Cause Jobs do not print.

Using The Address Book