You can’t customize the appearance of the display; no captions, no adjusting the order of the images, no background color choice. You select your photos, click the Preview button, and there’s your display. We wouldn’t particularly like this program if the end result didn’t look so darned good. Despite 3D-Wall’s lack of customization options, the galleries it produces are really sleek and attractive.

It arranges your images in a grid on a black background; clicking on a particular image increases its size and smoothly slides it to the foreground.

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38 Accelerator saves configurations from the last run and automatically loads it when you start up. This unique application is both a screensaver and a puzzle. When your computer has been inactive for a while, Desktop Puzzle Screensaver will divide the screen into squares and begin to slide them. You can choose to leave it like this, or if you?re up to it, accept the challenge and try to solve puzzle that the program creates.

It has several configuration options, like placing a number on the squares and selecting the number of columns and rows in which you 3388 to divide the screen.

International Karting is the sequel to the top selling Super 1 Karting.

With over 5 years experience of producing the very best racing games the development team was well placed to further improve the look and feel 38 the original. 38 realism of this game lets you almost feel every movement as you battle it out for the number one spot.

Experiment with the accelerator, brake and kart settings to cut your times and do your best to overcome the opposition, who, with great artificial intelligence will do everything they can to slow you down.


MYOB Password Recovery is a program that will instantly recover or removechange lost passwords for password-protected data files (. MYO. DAT. FocusFixer is the ultimate image sharpening tool.

Our top selling software has any number of uses – from removing “softness” to bringing a background element of a photograph into focus. It just simply removes softness and even focus blur – invaluable for countering softness generated by digital cameras or those occasions where a narrow depth of field results from wide apertures.

FocusFixer will restore detail and it will add clarity and quality to your results.

Use it on colour and monochrome pictures. FocusFixer explodes the myth that once an image has been blurred the information is lost. The vast majority of the information is still there in a blurred image – it is just not in a 338 that looks “good” to us. If 3338 know how the image was softened or blurred by the lens, this can be used to reverse the blur – to make it sharper.

Unsharp masking (USM) cannot do this – it attempts to remove blur by blurring the already soft image and subtracting some of this from the soft original.

This perceptual trick often looks ok but very effectively enhances noise – precisely not what you want. 383 produces superior results on soft photos as well as those with more obvious focus blur, it “simply” puts the “light” back where it belongs to give you a sharper image.

The idea behind this software is to make Flash animation easier.

It tries to achieve this through the use of a more basic interface but fails quite comprehensively. Instead of simplifying the animation process, this program gives you the most basic drawing tools and takes away your control over the animation process.


I have used Macromedia Flash MX extensively and on opening Selecto Flash Designer, the first thing that strikes you is the omission of any timeline.

Immediately your control has been compromised, so it has obviously been designed for anyone who wants a quick fix flash animation without having to get their hands dirty.

Even if this is the case, the tools for drawing are far too limited and it doesn’t even include a pen tool for freehand lines. It does save some face in the fact that it contains a large library of animation templates that can be easily applied to the user’s images or shapes drawn within the program.

Controlling exactly how the on-screen objects behave is a challenge but for creating extremely simple slides and zooms, this program will suffice.

You can also insert buttons and change their properties quickly and easily. One handy feature is the instant preview of your animation, using a simple play button, a pop-up window will show you the result of your work.

However, this does not make up for the clunky interface and the lack of control that the user has. If you are interested in creating unique professional looking Flash movies, use Macromedia Flash, but if you want to create a quick and easy animation, there are a variety of more effective and user-friendly tools such as KoolMoves or Insane Flash Animator.