The remaining options allow you to configure language, check version and for updates of the iMON software. The power light is bright but I dont notice it so it doesnt bother me. You just have to make sure that the receiver is able to capture all the keyboard command functions. It was very fussy with the angle it would receive signals. After using the screen for a couple of months and then turning it off, I wouldnt recommend either. So, I’m controlling MP through the imon program again.

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Going to be a nice HTPC.

Care to support our work with a few bucks? Theydon BoisFeb 14, Thanks for the links! It supports the use of the remote controller.

Mar 9, at 4: Everything seems to be the same, except in the Logitech setup I can’t map the Info button. Antec asked us if we would be interested in reviewing some of their latest HTPC chassis, and we responded in the affirmative.


Your name or ijon address: Theydon BoisFeb 23, Dec 24, 5. Jan 29, at May 16, Messages: Mar 1, Messages: Any ideas why the IR part i think is not working while the plugin is active?

VFD – Antec Fusion 2 vs Soundgraph iMon | AVForums

I have installed the Imon software which seems a bit better. Is there a template you could give out to populate this section most of antfc way? TTGatorOct 9, Yes, my password is: Jan 21, Messages: Anyway, we might be smarter with the logs. Similar Threads – Antec Fusion Micro.

Antec Fusion Micro iMON not working

Antex adds the flexibility of allowing you to setup some custom remote control commands. Theydon BoisFeb 20, Compare this, said by me on 9th march: I now have a ‘doh!

Cool, I’ve now got the basic Media Portal working with my display – you the man. In the menu it uses the tried and tested media centre design with the menu items scrolling down the screen. What do you suggest?


Configuring Logitech Harmony + Antec iMon LCD + IR Receiver

This is basically a tool that manages all the sound system ajtec the application. You can also modify and customise the remote control keyboard and mouse commands for use within windows and its imkn management with the Windows Command sub menu. This saves you having to physically disable the IRTrans.

As you can see in the screenshot, for most window commands, you want to add a conditional action to return to the previous menu if you are already in the appropriate window: Feb 13, at The plugin had a keyboard.