One of part number 69G Warranty for all supplies is one year from the date of purchase stated on the purchase receipt. The Infoprint Productivity Suite: Raster fonts are supported by all PSF platforms. In this case, the N-up specification is used and CSE is ignored. These attachments can be:

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The distance between the Multistation Access Units can be increased with either the or Optical Fiber Repeater. Simplex ijfoprint with black toner plus one hi-lite colour 1 Duplex applications with the reverse side printed in an opposing colour. When using the alpha characters for specifically assigned purposes, the form number is assumed to be hexadecimal. Cables are not shipped with the product or the feature.

Logically, the will split each sheet of paper in half, ib to the tractors, and treat each half as a separate sheet of paper. The publications listed below will be available at announcement.

Fiber-optic trunks terminated in distribution panels are recommended in large single-room data centers, multiple-room data centers, multiple-floor data centers, and in data centers spread among buildings. The customer is responsible for evaluation, selection, and implementation of security features, administrative procedures, and appropriate controls in application systems and communications facilities.

You will need to provide the seven-digit part number or the machine type and model number and supply type, for example, Infoprint HS1.

This feature allows the operator to switch from one resolution to the other via the operator console. The list of activities can be customized and additional activities can be defined. The enlarged flat-panel display provides clearer and more easily recognizable commands and functions.


One container per carton Minimum order quantity: For optimum print quality and reliable performance, the use of IBM supplies is recommended. Installing special feature number provides the attachment for high-capacity, roll-feed devices that will enable the customer to fully utilize the infopriht capabilities of the Infoprint family. Part number represents one carton.

IBM InfoPrint 4000 IS1 Supplies

It also includes the extra exposure of single-pel features. MICR is not supported in tractorless pinless mode. This is of greatest benefit in the reproduction of font serifs and the preservation of the details of narrow intersections of lines.

These features add the ability to use the Infoprint or ‘s Customer Changeable Developer CCD to print two types of applications on duplex printers:. In addition, the new AFCCU enables host-managed paper-jam recovery through your post-processing equipment, new operator function enabling flexibility, MB of performance enabling memory, and support for adding toner while the printer is operating. The Additional Customer Changeable Developer feature consists of an operator-changeable developer and one developer cart.

Prices are subject to change without notice. Customers must ijfoprint the legibility of the 4-point font sets in their applications. This feature code allows installation of a software solution that allows an operator to log in to Infoprint Manager for AIX on the Enhanced Operator Console and to perform several job tracking functions from the printer normally only available on Infoprint Manager Operations for AIX.

Duplex jobs print page 2 on the back of page 1 and page 4 on the back of page 3. For initial equipment orders and feature MES orders, one standard-length, duplex-to-duplex Please infoprintt some important “rules” regarding the co-existence of the different types of attachments:.


IBM Infoprint MICR Series Continuous Forms | Argecy

For best performance and print quality, it is recommended that the printer be in dpi when converting a dpi datastream, and dpi mode when converting a dpi datastream. You can now choose to print simplex jobs with black toner and a hi-lite colour, or the reverse side of a duplex job can inflprint printed with a different colour. For optimum print quality and reliable performance, the use of IBM supplies is recommended.

Simplex applications with a hi-lite colour are not supported in pinless mode. This ability provides the following benefits: A Document’s Table of Contents: The following items are available from IBM and are included in the price of the printer if a parallel channel attachment feature number is specified: IBM recommends either the “straight line” or the “reverse L” the print engines form a “L” with the operator position facing inside the “L” toward the front of both print engines.

This specify code should be selected only when the customer does not wish to order Enhanced Printing Supplies Version 3 feature number as the standard toner on a new Infoprint