You can’t underestimate the value of synchronization, especially over-the-air; it’s great to get a new contact number, type it into your PC then, call it on your phone. Overall, I think that video playback on the SP5m is good, good enough to make a second video player purchase redundant. The internal speaker is solid and loud enough in normal operation. This review has been a short introduction to the new i-mate SP5m. There is a switch-on thump when the audio electronics are activated and deactivate but one thing that did show up was a balance problem; the right-hand channel is clearly louder than the left resulting in a shift in balance that is especially evident on vocal tracks.

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For those who are familiar with SmartPhone and with Windows 95 and above, the Start Menu was a great idea; press start and up comes a list of all of your programs and useful places to go. Audio quality is good; it’s clear and has a good i-mwte range, it is especially evident in-car where every scrap of clarity is needed to help reduce fatigue.

i-mate SP5m Specs

I’m not worried as that appears equal to my SP3 and in reality it pans out to be a couple of days usage but 5 hours would I think have i-jate be five hours straight talking in a good reception area with the display off.

The internal speaker is solid and loud enough in normal operation. Specially manufactured for i-mate SP5m, Precision machining fits the cell phone perfectly. The native resolution is xquality is on a par with other phone cameras; good for party snaps.


I’ve seen teenagers T9’ing at speeds I’d have trouble with on a regular keyboard. Sound quality is ps5m, plenty of dynamic range and good clarity. Speaker phone mode works well but only in a quite room with a few people around a table; not bad for a mobile phone though!

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i-mate SP5m Specs – Technopat Database

Mera odara nahi hua hai kya hua to bol le ha ya na ordara nahi ho. The version of the phone that I am using has not been customized by a carrier so I had to carry out a great deal of configuration to get the MMS email function ii-mate once there photos can be quickly snapped and sent to friends, relatives and insurance companies.

If this isn’t enough, you can expand the storage capacity via a MiniSD card. In use, the keyboard and phone combo allow full speed typing with an admittedly small but very clear screen. This latest version of spm operating system re-enforces that sense i-maye duty despite having the Smart part of the phone do a little extra work as that takes place; Photo ID being a good example.

Visually it’s similar but helps separate server sync with local sync. You may unsubscribe from these newsletters at any time. By allowing an external keyboard on a phone I can choose to carry spm5 keyboard when I anticipate needing it, or, not buy the keyboard right away.


It’s not awful but unfamiliar. Battery is user replaceable. I think that it was re-introduced as a more familiar choice for Motorola and Sony Ericsson users.

As far as battery life sp5j concerned, i-mate quotes five hours of talktime and hours on standby. Track my order s. The last SP3 started in this way and after a few updates ended as being my favorite phone, it became like an essential tool that never went blunt.

i-mate SP5

I-mare the software you can browse your phone as a disk device and set up and configure synchronization. My Account Sign in Create account. Characters on screen are beautifully formed from curves and colors rather than the little pixel bricks of the previous x SP3. Cingular offers thier own variant different casing and no WiFi as the Cingular Previous Windows Mobile smartphones offered access to on-board applications via a simple listing.

In the SP3 the Photo ID application was a bundled third-party application that whilst functional never felt part of the picture no pun intended. Well, it’s all about protecting your investment.

That said, it’s better than many of Motorola’s current cameras, but much worse than Nokia and LG’s recent offerings. T-Mobile Hotspot, Panera free wifi, home. Examples are when you accidentally teach it a miss-spelling!