Try it out on your own and you will see. No registered users and 1 guest. I tried the Western Dig Diagnostics I’m surprised to read that a Slipstreamed installation isn’t working as in the end it only does the same sort of thing that providing drivers via a Floppy with F6 offers using a different approach. I then used Nero Burning Rom version 6. I might use it for my own personal work, but not for sensitive installs. It took about a minute on the other drive and said it was OK.

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Message 3 of 7. Real machine does boot. I’m still baffled by the F6 slipstream not working, since like I said I have used that technique successfully several times before on other systems, but at least I found a way that works. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Last edited by Mr Bill on Tue Feb 16, 1: Skipstream, well, it was worth a try.

I installed the Intel Matrix Storage Manager normally; didn’t need to follow the special instructions in the guide.

I’d rather not use a program like nLite since it makes changes I’m not aware of and I would like to keep this as simple and straightforward as possible.


After that, XP installs without complaining, and it was just a matter of downloading and installing drivers using the notebookreview. I tried the Western Dig Diagnostics Thank you for your interest in this question. Here are the drivers I would use but I don’t know if I can use a flash drive since I don’t have floppy disk access matriix the comp.

Joliet file system not present.

To cdob, To make the CD I used the following steps: Actually felt kinda spoilt having a full set of official XP drivers available, because my previous install was on a HP with virtually no XP support beyond what users had pieced together in forums. This was by far the simplest solution I could find.

I dont know what data I would end up losing either. Try it out on your own and you will see. I guess at this mtrix I shouldn’t really be surprised by that, coming from Microsoft and all. Posted January 2, edited.

Board index Software Windows. I also preferred the manual way, but that’s just because I wanted to learn it the hard way. Posted December 31, I’ve monitored this process in the past and trust it to do what it says. I just compared an nLite’d share and a non-nLite’d share. It’s trivial to reverse nLite’s work and do both parts manually if you’re paranoid or over-accountable.


Slipstreaming Intel Matrix Storage Drivers in XP Pro – Device Drivers – MSFN

Installation F3 aborted at partition menu. Does yours do the same? Anyone has any idea how to handle this? Did a lot of research sliipstream here with the closest problem being an Itunes related one but they were allowed to still log into windows whereas I can not nor do we even have Itunes on here. L – BIOS update 1.

Major kudos to you, sir! Windows will no longer boot after he tried to turn it back on from hibernate today.

XP on A205-s4777 Intel Matrix Storage Manager?

Now install the Intel Matrix Storage Manager as you usually would. Please type your message and try again. I can understand that your work might prefer using the MS way and that you are responsible for the results, but even a chimp can see that MS’s way is overly complicated and unnecessary.