Previously, you had to download the entire folder. Fix for problem with Private Message. When remote Dynamic Desktop is disabled, the background display returns. It then connects you as a Panel User if you are authorized, or as a regular user if you are not. Changed PM Session Control to disables all communication between guests e.

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Auto Re-connect to Room server on lost connections after 15 seconds. Changes made to Java client: You can also use a hotComm Lite unlock code in a hotComm Pro product, but you get hotComm Standard time, which does not have the same features as hotComm Pro.

Fix – file association with. The session number is the “S1” or imrror, etc. New Message sound event no longer plays when you are sent a pre-defined sound or a Timed Camera starts. New – We added a real-time ‘Transparent Collaborator’ mjrror the hotWeb window that is not just a white-board, but allows you to mark-up or annotate anything such as a web page, a document, a spreadsheet in the hotWeb window.

Indent Transcripts is selectable.

hotComm – Web Collaboration/Conferencing, Traderooms, E-Meetings & Webinars

Installer fix for occasional error with message “application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect”. Our new Customer Relationship Mgmt.


When you minimize all Timed Camera windows, updates to those windows are stopped until you restore at least one of the windows. See hotComm User Guide, Emoticons. Moderators and Presenters are easier to identify Transcript posts – Moderator and Presenter posts are color-coded dark Blue. Disable prevents all webcam use by anyone including moderators, presenters and usersenable allows webcam use by anyone.

Timed-camera charts sent by moderators are not automatically minimized. Moderators are automatically removed from the silent list when they are added as moderators. The Task bar entry for S1 will not blink on new activity when out of focus.

Official release of SuperJava support. Lite now opens to the Activation Key window if you have not yet entered a valid activation key. In the Connect window, enter the address as website: Session recording – timing in a network playback will be somewhat different than timing in a local playback.

Mirror Driver and Reinstalling the Mirror Driver

Fix – When a peer is deleted from your Peer List, the peer is now deleted from the File Sharing list as well. If so, click Cancel.


Fix problem with erratic connections. New – WhiteBoard is now available with Exclusive Control. Custom emoticons are now sent compressed to that they use less bandwidth.

hotComm Revision History

New – NetBios Firewall added by default for protection -disable in Properties New – hotCam on middle-icon bar allows you to grab and send dialog boxes. Blue C, Yellow L. CRM and Moderated Chat are unveiled. Try pushing a word doc. If it is already installed, that dialog does not include a button for installing it. Right-click to turn off pointer and change to previous Selections Toolbox settings.

When using Transparent Collaborator, hotComm menus open correctly without immediately vanishing.

Select Display Adaptorsand click Next. You can install it as a device manually. The right-click Find option in the transcript panel has been greatly enhanced. Appears while the Java client is waiting for a response.