Now, given that the XL Pro is an inch longer and 8 swingweights heavier, my results are not surprising. I have seem to have lost some distance. The replacement program is over. Long, long, long and straight. This next generation of Hi-Bore technology features a 20 per cent larger head size and 11 per cent large face area than the original HiBore. Cleveland has gone the extra step and has brought on Fujikura shafts as the standard for their clubs. I have the 8.

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My biggest xk was being able to get off the box not any more now I am confident on were my ball is going and another plus is I also gained about yards more in distance. Clubs with cracked or dented heads, heads that rattle and clubs with broken shafts. I bought the Hibore xl In summary, scary long and very straight too — even my rubbish hits were comparatively decent to what they would have come out with on the Titleist.

Went back to the Titleist and drives were back to normal length, maybe hjghbore carry with 10 — 15 yards roll. I am out hitting my TailorMade by a mile but more importantly I am able gighbore hit longer AND ease off a little on the swing, which means more fairways hit.


This club is fantastic. I thought the 9.

I pounded hlghbore driver down the middle and got up with the XL Pro and pounded it down the middle as well. Please provide us the information below to help expedite your quote: Mine is and I had to put in an X flex shaft, as the red one was too soft for me.

I have been golfing for about 18 yrs and have hit a number of different clubs. Just eliminates one more variable as to hitting the driver the same every time.

Cleveland HiBORE XL Driver | | Bunkers Paradise

If you read all the golfers review they all say the x thing, straight and down the middle with a bunch more yards. The store where I was at did not have any clubs with red shaft. On average, I hit around five fairways and ten greens per round. Find a highbbore monitor somewhere and get the numbers. The red gave me the trajectory I was looking for, lower with more roll. My last driver, an FT3 was a good driver which I normally hit straight or with a small fade, but I highboge not like the sound or feel which did not change much between a good or bad shot.

The driver felt cheap. I really dont think you need to change the shaft to red. LOVE the club, am now looking at the hibore irons to help me break 90 on a more consistent basis.


Cleveland HiBORE XL Driver

My very first swing with the Tour version resulted in a pure highborre dead straight at my target. I tend to hit a draw and am not sure Burner will work for me.

The was a little right, ha! That sweetspot is the size of hhighbore tennis court. Once I was comfortable with the clubs I hit each of them off the extreme toe and heel to see how they would perform.

Purchased an XL Hibore 9. A few months ago I was talking to my club pro who let me have a practice with the hibore. You have a new lifelong customer. They are actually now selling them as non-conforming. These hybores are made to send the hkghbore high. Im currently looking for a new driver, im Cleveland Hibore XL Driver.

In most reviews their is good comments about the club but in reviews about the Taylomade Burner the golfers seem much more impressed with their higghbore.