Page 95 – Button quick reference ExpressCard vers If the network cable contains noise suppression circuitry 1 , which prevents interference from TV and radio reception, orient the circuitry end of the cable 2 toward the computer. Page Lift the memory module compartment cover 2 away from the computer. Replace the two hard drive screws 3. With the positive side of the battery facing up, insert the battery into the compartment. Using A Device select Models Only Using a device select models only IEEE is a hardware interface that can be used to connect a high-speed multimedia or data storage device to the computer.

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If standby or hibernation is accidentally initiated during playback of a drive medium such as a CD or DVD: System recovery The computer system recovery process provides several ways to recover optimal system functionality. When external power is available To resolve a low-battery condition when external power is available, connect one of the pavilino adapters: Reinstalling The Operating System Reinstalling heweltt-packard operating system If you could not solve the problem by repairing the operating system as described in the previous section, it may be necessary to reinstall the operating system.

Connecting a country-specific modem cable adapter Telephone jacks vary by country. Page 45 – When using wireless communication or rea Turn on the computer. To see a list of installed hardware in the computer: On the back of the remote control, turn the battery compartment cover counterclockwise 1 and remove it 2.


A discharge of static electricity from fingers or other electrostatic conductors may damage electronic components. When the computer is off: Specifications Although the computer can be hewlett–packard from a stand-alone DC power source, it should be powered only with an AC adapter or a DC power cord supplied by or approved for an HP computer.

Lift the memory module compartment cover 2 away from the computer. Removing An Optical Disc without Power Removing an optical disc apvilion power If external or battery power is unavailable: Removing An Optical Disc with Power Removing an optical disc with power If the computer is running on external or battery power: To reset the Setup Utility factory defaults: Managing an administrator password To set, change, or delete this password: Table of contents 1 Notebook Tour Components Protecting Playback Protecting playback To prevent the loss of playback or playback quality: An optional expansion product provides additional ports and connectors that can be used with the computer.

The HP Pavilion hewkett-packard is virtually identical to the Pavilion dv with one major exception: Restoring to a restore point To restore the computer to a previous date and time when it was functioning optimally: Calibrate a battery pack under the following conditions: With the positive side of the battery facing up, insert the battery into the compartment. Right-side components Component Audio-out headphone jack Audio-in microphone jack ExpressCard slot USB port select models only Optical drive RJ modem jack Power connector Chapter 1 Notebook Tour Description Produces system sound when connected to optional powered stereo speakers, headphones, ear buds, a headset, or television audio.


Clear the check box for Wait for dial tone before dialing. Lift the hard drive away from the computer 3.

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Access additional information about the computer and Web site links through the Help and Support Center. Effects Of Increasing Memory Effects of increasing memory When random access memory RAM increases, the operating system increases the hard drive space reserved for the hibernation file.

For best results, attempt to recover optimal computer functionality by using the following procedures in the order described here. To display the amount of space required by the hibernation file: Follow the on-screen hewlett-pakard. Page Tighten the memory module compartment cover screws 3.

Page 55 – Managing low-battery conditions Page 56 – Resolving low-battery conditions Page 57 – Calibrating a battery pack Page 58 – Step 2: Page – System recovery Page – Restoring to a restore point Page – Repairing the operating system Page – Reinstalling the operating system Page – Reinstall the operating system Page – Reinstalling device drivers and other so The other vents are located on the bottom of the computer.