IOException ; import java. How to clear memory caches You can have a look at the full pom here. To run the selenium tests, the web application has to be runnable. Secondly, the FirefoxDriver implementation starts up an instance of Firefox with a profile called “WebDriver”.

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My gwt module file looks like this: Selenium WebDriver WebDriver, supported since Selenium 2, uses a different basic weebdriver in which a driver is added to each browser to enable Selenium interaction, instead of doing so from JavaScript.

This actually finds the button with the given label. It is configured to wait at most 20 seconds. The most important part are the executions.

I love to observe, especially, that is yet to occur. If you have any other useful tips or workarounds, please share by leaving a comment. In the sselenium code above i’ve told WebDriver to use the “default” profile instead by selenjum a system property. WebDriver ; import org. Using DOM manipulation, new rows can be added to a table dynamically like new mail in Gmail Inbox or building a table to display search results.


The next interesting test to play with will be testing asynchronous activity like AJAX requests. That’s me – Suyog — Tests Gooood The tests are actually run by the surefire plug-in.

Selenium testing your GWT application using maven « trying to solve IT problems

To force GWT to produce id’s for your Widget elements: Now connect to the actual application. I created the profile then just copied my existing profile contents to it to save installing all the plugins again.

A good mobile test methodology. AbcAeffchen 8, 12 33 These days, more and more web applications use Ajax and therefore act and look a lot more like desktop applications. Below I use Groovy code for the conciseness of using closures, but the same can be done in Java, though with a bit more code due to the need for anonymous classes. On Tuesday, February 2, at 2: For more options, visit https: It’s how modern teams deliver modern software.

Sign up using Facebook. Selenikm is still limited in that if a click is triggered on the file selection button an OS native file selection dialog will be triggered in which case the test will be suspended until the file is manually selected.


It also makes tests more readable and easier to understand and maintain.

Email Required, but never shown. AfterClass ; import org. Google Web Toolkit Examples. This class contains dedicated methods to identify and manipulate each UI control on a page. I love reading, especially reading between the lines. Your email address will not be published.

Testing GWT Apps with Selenium or WebDriver

By using our site, you acknowledge that webdrjver have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Note that my code examples use Groovy to make them concise, but they can be pretty easily converted to Java code.

This should make the login window appear again.