I think I know what to do, but it involves not just a simple user mode application but an system driver – at least it seems to be possible to use the user mode driver framework instead of kernel mode driver. GfxTablet app speaks protocol version 2 but driver speaks version 1, please update Removing network tablet from device list GfxTablet driver shut down gracefully. Hi, based on your uinput driver I’ve created something similar for windows. Draw and Paint in all of your Desktop applications i. And as per the xorg-evdev comments mine is already uncommented. It’s not a free software license, I’ve tried to have it grant much liberty anyway however. It is built and signed by F-Droid, and guaranteed to correspond to this source tarball.

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Thanks to Peter Hutterer working for Red Hat and is responsible for all kind of XOrg input driverswho informed inpput that an Xorg driver would not be a good choice for what we tried to imput, we moved from an XOrg driver to an easy-to-use uinput driver which is a kernel module for user-mode input drivers. The author and other users will see your posting and can reply to it. On the Android market at least there is a lot of blunt repackage-open-source-stuff-with-ads going on, and I want to fgxtablet least have a clear basis for requesting such repackaging of my own software to be taken down by the Windows Store.


Use an Android or Windows tablet as a graphics stylus for your Linux computer self.

Android application GfxTablet+

A fully free software licence doesn’t let me do that apart from pointing out GPL violations etc. Requires running the uinput driver on your PC see website for details.

As windows does not support simply injecting pressure information into the event queue, I’ve omitted this for now. For gimp to detect the device, it would be neccessary to write a kernel mode driver which simulates a real tablet, because gimp uses Microsoft DirectInput technology to access real graphic tablets with pressure information.

There is an server component driver that someone made for Windows, but it’s not very stable and hasn’t seen an official release. Rfc prefers to use his own forum over Github’s issues tracker. Submit a vfxtablet link. Loading More Posts 52 Posts.

Simple windows driver This topic has been deleted. Drawing and text not working in gimp-user. This will probably make pressure information work in GIMP too. Look for GfxTabletwhich gfdtablet the name of the app now. The binaries are here: Garbled interface text in gimp-user. We fixed some bugs, and it is now no longer important in which order you start app and driver.

I have tried to download and install GIMP 2.

And as per the xorg-evdev comments mine is already uncommented. GfxTablet makes it possible to gfxtableg your device especially tablets inut a graphics tablet, sending touch data including pressure!

Draw and Paint in all gfdtablet your Desktop applications i. If you haven’t already seen it, rfc’s excellent GfxTablet http: Unfortunately I currently don’t have time to pursue this. I’ve installed vs and the WDK windows driver kit to target windows vista and above and have found that it is necessary to implement an HID device driver mimicking an tablet digitizer. Keep in mind it’s targeting Windows users, so I don’t expect anyone with a religious Free-Software-only bent I don’t mean that in a negative light btw to wish to use it!


And only run one of the two driver-win32 files.

So basically you only need to connect your tablet via WiFi, run the binary on a terminal, then run the app and you can start painting in GIMP for example! Navigate the DesktopPC display by hovering it with gfxtablft Stylus Pen Switch to StylusPen only painting no interruption by your touching the device with your hand Display mapping your device’ screen will be scaled to map your Desktop PC resolution Native full-screen drawing mode Enhanced grid on your canvas to help with positioning Load an image template to your canvas to learn drawing!

Thank you for creating this Windows driver, Christoph I still cannot test it myself, but I will point people to it when they ask for a windows support! Which one depends just on your preference, but both should enable mose movements.

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