Click OK or Yes until the printing starts. Paper Tab Paper Tab Use the following options for paper handling. Removing Software Removing Software Uninstall is required if you are upgrading the software or if your installation fails. If necessary, customize the copy settings, including number of copies, darkness, and original type, by using the control panel buttons. If not, they may tear while exiting the machine. Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if instructions are not followed, could result in death or serious injury.

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Docustation DSM PF

Press Enter gestegner start scanning. Using the Printer Settings Utility Using Printer Settings Utility, you can gestegner and edit Phone Book entries from your computer and set up print and scan system data options. Receiving Manually Using an Extension Telephone Copying Problems Condition Suggested solutions Copies are too light or too Use the Darkness button to darken or lighten the dark. Roller Misfeed Close the document cover. Sending A Priority Fax You can digits.

Gestetner DSm520pf User Manual

Page The document types recommended for the resolution settings are described in the table below: Clone Copying Clone Copying Ddm520pf special copy feature can be applied only when you place a document on the document glass. For this machine, all of your faxes will have the date and time printed on them. Press the scroll button or until you find the folder or file you want and then press Enter. The paper lev Load the print material with the side to be printed gedtetner the amount o facing up.


Place the document face down on the document glass and align it with the registration guide at the top left corner of the glass. Click the Extras tab.

In the event of problems, please contact your service representative in the first instance. While moving the machine, you should take care that the power cord will not be damaged under the machine.

The paper storage environment should be properly maintained to ensure gestegner performance. Press Enter to save the selection. If you are unsure of what type of paper you are loading, such as bond or recycled paper, check the label on the package. To remove a number, After selecting a select it and click number, click Add to Remove. Using Usb Flash Drive About USB Flash Drives USB flash drives are available with various memory capacities to give you enough room to store documents, presentations, downloaded music gestetnrr videos, high resolution photographs, or whatever other files you want to take with you.

To print the manual completely, please, download gestegner. Use this DIMM slot to install more memory option for the machine. If the caller leaves a message, the answering machine stores the message as it would normally.


You may print this list to confirm your changes after changing any settings. Page To restore the data: Page connecting 3.

Gestetner DSm520pf Copier/Printer/Fax

In The Multipurpose Tray Remove the jammed paper by gently pulling it straight out. Pay attention to the paper limit mark on both inside walls of the tray. Setting Tray 2 in the Printer Properties If you installed Tray 2 with your machine on, the machine does dsm520pv recognize it.

For a document placed on the document glass, the display asks if you want to load another page. In the Create Overlay window, type a name of up to eight characters in the File name box.

Paper Specifications Category Specifications Cover it with a piece of paper, if necessary. This feature should be used by an authorized technician. Page 24 Enter Confirms the selection on the display. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.

Close the document cover.