I’ve liked it for so long and even promoted it to several persons. But there will always be awkward people. Also there is more on this world than Satellite TV. Not to prinses myself but I would not be surprise if I have poster more in trying to help YOUR customers then all of the staf of this forum together! Where are you people? Ton replied to kboortz’s topic in Learning.

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Ton replied to tonust’s topic in Discussions. I’ve liked it for so long and even promoted it to several persons. Posted December 20, Ton replied to robpele’s topic in Discussions. Do not use any option to convert from within EyeTV!

Another day genuatech no reply There is a day trial period.

Only reason I involve myself here is because I find EyeTV the best of the 3 options and would hate it to become abandonware. Similar to the way the 4DC’s 4 decoders can be used simultaneously. Sign up for a new account in our community.

Open letter to Geniatech – Discussions – EYE TV Support Forum

gebiatech Maybe you are not aware how this product is sold. Posted November 23, There is seldom anybody here. Ton replied to Stoker’s topic in Discussions.


By TonOctober 29, in Discussions. You might try another brand like in the picture. So I think that EyeTV has a great market to conquer but with intelligent hardware with the right options and a software bundle that listens to users’ needs.

If the U6 is able to pick-up up all wanted stations then it ccap work if you set it up the U6 and then disconnect it, connect the HDHR. Homerun products, only the very, very OLD tuner can be used. Selling a product 4 decoders that does NOT function as sold.

Do whatever you like but once people have switched then you will have lost them forever. EyeTV software and hardware! Fact is that only 1 single app on the Mac is able to use the Netstream reason is that the Netstream uses protocol only know to Geniatech and does not work with default drivers.

I use both software because EyeTV has excellent Scheduling. Is an ATV4 app ever going to be released?

Use Handbrake because it is fast and any player can play the converted movie. Posted February 1, This website uses cookies to enable certain functions and to improve your user experience.


Make your own DVD easily with high quality!

For consumers scheduling of shows is important. Just too complicated for Geniatech. I loved my eye tv but when I needed help there were long delays in getting information from their support site.

Ton grniatech to lelegard’s topic in Discussions. Use a programm like “Funter” or similar and it will show all invisible hady. There is only 1 reason for me to mention other productschap and that is to help people that are the victims of your products. Also YOUR company is to blame because you give no serieus timeline. Also programs that I refer to are running on Mac not on aTV.

I know by experience that this method works in a number of cases.