Please send me a sample copy of World Insurance Report together with full subscription details. The lack of security judg- ment which led to tots situa- tion is likely to cost both the banks and reinsurance buyers dear in the s. Between and tee results deteriorated’ from a ratio of Hendrix has been given exclusive rights to distribute Interset’s Konnect 2 data trans- fer unit, which the company claims is now standard equip- ment in the UK graphic arts industry. Ifca two-year austerity programme introduced at the beginning of Sonar de la Madrid’s mandate, had brought the budget deficit down from 18 per cent on GDP to to an expected 6 per cent this year. It Tarmac wins will provide , sq ft of fully air-conditioned office space and parking for cars. In the short term, atten- tion is focused on the- poor underwriting results, to com- mon with the rest of the re- insurance industry.

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Reinsurance premiums are watched most closely In this context, because a rise in the cost of laying ffun-jin risk fh16-04b1 the insurer tun-jin charge more from the original insured. Page 2 Fun-jln strike Argentina’s Peronist opposition is baddng a hour general strike to- day aimed at totting changes in PresidentBaiil Afionsto’s economic policy.

Prices include postage and packing. France wH that, no abnormally high levei of flnorhie had- been fonmfin araronnd the Mont Loafs, – the cargo vessel that sank off the Belgian coast with 30 containers of – U ffRllUH 3 Latest analyses of water around and inside the hold showed fl u o rine ft16–04b1 to only0. The Bank of Israel attributed much of the August fall to the beginning of repay- ment of loans taken from the U5. Interset Computer Systems of Frome, Somerset, is in the busi- ness of extending the capabili- ties of the electronic office by developing hardware and soft- ware capable of converting com- plex data from a spread of word processors, at the push of a button, into an A4 sized publi- cation of up to pages.


Under an excess of loss con- tract the reinsurer agrees to pay for losses above a fixed limi t. Letters of Credit Since toe New York State Superintendent of Insurance riong with other state and federal regulatory authorities, began to accept clean Irrevoc- able letters of credit as an alternative to OCAs they have been increasingly, used by re- insurance companies.

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It rier win not oe insolvent wnen The UK the reinsurance efaamx when we have put up terms and yet see an? More in the UK on In particular they are very much involved in -the compara- tively sew field of direct mail marketing. The suspensions were announced slmntataneously last Friday by the military authorities in the northern Kano and western Oyo states.

The articles that follow trace the progress of two British pioneers of desk-top publishing, Scan Laser and Interset a technologically advanced pub- lisher.

Growth in life reinsurance last year came from the continued steady expansion fin-jin protection and savings b u si ne ss. All these types of business tend to have high levels of fun–jin cover and thus need reassurance facilities.

It demonstrat- ed the unions’ ability to secure agreement between themselves and showed members how important were the issues is the dispute. Agencies are now benefiting from the calming influence of a general -improvement run-jin rates, which has followed a fail In insurance capacity as com- ft16-0b1 have withdrawn or limited their exposure to the market. A copy of the Claim and Supporting Do cu men lotion must be served upon Comerica.

A hetftey reinsurance mar- UB. The payments are in addition to terms being offered by Hongkong Bank to the 62 shareholders in James CapeL Both sets of payments to shareholders and employees are being phased over five years. Capital needs Life reassurance companies have been able to provide con- siderable help to their smaller company clients In two ways. At the same time. The signals from South East Asia are looking clearer than ever. In economic Issues, too, Japan has undoubtedly been a power- ful catalyst in the industrialisa- tion and growth of the Asean countries, especially over the past 15 years.


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The question of negotiating fish- ing access for the powerful Spanish fleet appears equally deadlocked, with toe European Commission suggesting that tbe number of Spanish boats will have to be halved over a period of time. The engine could be in ser- vice by i: The Emir of Kano is one of the most respected northern rulers and a leader of Nige- ria’s Muslims, while the Oni of Ife holds the senior king- ship among the Yoroba people of West Nigeria.

Although that market has been hit hard, the use of reinsurance has mitigated some of the worst effects. The systems were originally designed for use by jobbing printers and publishers.

The new solvency margin requirements will mean earmarking more capital and reserves just to fulfil the. A more established company needs to constantly watch its tax position. The second contract, from.

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He said that if KWU won the Chi- nese orders, it would probably place contracts with Nudebras, the Bra- zilian state nuclear authority, for toe manufacture of certain reactor components.

One outstanding difficulty yet to be overcome with Portugal con- cerns imports of cane sugar to Por- tuguese refineries, mostly from Ft6-04b1, Zimbabwe, Malawi and the Ivory Coast The Lisboa Gov- ernment, supported by Britain, esti- mates its needs at aroundtonnes.

Marine, almost equally divided between hull ami cargo, accou nt ed for an- other per ce n t, while ft16–04b1 rest was in fixe, general acci- dent and other classes of non- marins insurance. The union is to ballot its 3.