WLan Operation brightness max. Under load it can switch on for a short while, but the volume remains very low. Choose unlimited connectivity and open your mobile office whenever and wherever you are. Thanks to the bluetooth technology that allows the exchange of information among different devices, you can easily use all the accessories of the Flybook line and more with an in-built special software. So there are no problems for the usage on the lap, or wherever else. Since the first FlyBook Model A33i was released in , Dialogue has been a unique mobile computer company providing integrated wireless wide area networking in mobile notebook computers worldwide. Between them a turningfold device is situated.

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So the Flybook can be used outdoor wlreless larger problems. Despite the central position of the hinge the display is held very stably in its position. No more cable connections!

Dialogue Flybook A33i User Manual: Wireless Lan Connection; Configuring Your Connections

The office in your pocket Live in freedom with Flybook. The two small speakers above the keyboard can make a lot of noise and thereby do not sound badly.

Although the Flybook A33i contains only a mAh battery, the measured battery runtimes were surprisingly positive. Data, voice and videos can be transferred and received both wired and wireless. Between them a turningfold device is situated.

Flybook A33i, Libretto U – PC World Australia

It’s durable too, featuring a magnesium alloy chassis and 3-D motion sensor to disable the hard disk before impact. Even the train can become your perfect office. The clarification with vertical viewing angles from above can be tolerated easier than the darkening and the wirelwss falsifications with viewing angles from below the display.


The Flybook A33i is equipped with an innovative Quality journalism aireless made possible by advertising. The Test Centre puts “you beaut” high tech products through their paces every day, but once in a while we get something so snazzy it turns us into show-off school kids – like Dialogue’s new Flybook ultra-portable tablet PC and Toshiba’s Libretto U notebook.

Flybook A33i, Libretto U100

Responsible for that is the current saving Transmeta Crusoe processor. The “Stylus Pen” could be formed somewhat more ergonomic, since it is far distant from the handiness of a conventional ball-point pen. Sign in with LinkedIn Sign in with Facebook.

However, the Flybook provides all the benefits of tablet computing, displays some true innovation and comes in several colours. The world at your fingertips.

No more cable connections! Toshiba Libretto U Price: With horizontal angles strong a deviation from the ideal angle lead to impairments by reflections.

Review Dialogue Flybook A33i – Reviews

By inserting the Ethernet cable, the system immediately recognises the specific connection used and allows you to transfer data at high speeds. Connect your equipment and people. Besides, it allows you to reach connection speeds even in poor network conditions. Slight deformations with pressure are possible in the range of the loudspeakers and at the bottom of the notebook. Do you think that the small size of Flybook is unreal?


Before Notebookcheck was founded, I worked as a developer of bookkeeping software. We had quite a bit of success at this, but it can sometimes be hard to write lengthy sentences big enough to be recognised properly. The Flybook A33i could be the appropriate for those, who want to keep their toy always with them for surfing and telephoning and can get along without performance. The FlyBook V33i is available worldwide now.

Toshiba’s Libretto U looks retro, but packs a lot of modern technology into its video cassette-like dimensions. Double-tapping a selected icon to run a program was straightforward, but we found right-clicking a little clunky. Its modest dimensions and weight 23,5×15,5 x3,1 cms for 1.

With the Stylus Pen, which can be attached to the chassis Many will find the default resolution perfectly workable, but personally, when I tired from squinting, I found that even pressing the Function key and spacebar to zoom in and make things larger wasn’t always an ideal workaround. Probably the best is the display concept with the turning folding mechanism.