Blue Room Technical Forums Limited. Do someone know where to get them or suggest an alternative? Trunker, on 18 Sep , 4: Delete From Topic The post will be removed from this topic completely. Trunker, on 17 Sep , 7:

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I should add that rms for a 1″ is optimistic or should I say unrealistic at that sort of price – or at all. Dec 29 Blue Room technical forum: There’s a possibility that certain products have been rationalised in the shake up e.

Posted 19 September – Ken Hughes, on 16 Sep5: Page 1 of 1 You cannot start a new topic You cannot reply to this topic. Compresssion DE springs to mind although it may be slightly more efficient than the CD but that wouldn’t be a problem if you’re designing a passive crossover from scratch.

Fane HT100 compression drivers

Posted 18 September – Trunker, on 17 Sep7: Blue Room Technical Forums Limited. Some one should have knowledge of past products This kind of power will prevent me from over-driving, and have loads of headroom at the same time. Yes, its a bit over kill, but we have all been to discos where it sounds naff because the amplifiers are clipping and distorting.


Trunker, on 16 Sep6: Ccompression I replace the blown Driver with the same one I have got in the cab at the moment I was given these cabs and one was blown alreadywhich are Fane HF do you think that they will be powerful enough to go with: Delete From Topic The post will be removed from this topic completely.

This post has been edited by Ken Hughes: Posted 16 September – If on the other hand you want them tomorrow you could be disappointed as Fane’s delivery schedules from recent experience appear to be measured in months rather than weeks at this moment. Skin and Language Theme: Fane rms HF Drivers Can you still get them? Posted 17 September – I am after a pair of Fane rms HF Drivers. Community Forum Software by IP.

Do someone know where to get them or suggest an alternative? The 12″ speakers have got Peizo? I know they used to do them not so long ago, but they are not on their website anymore.


Fane rms HF Drivers – Blue Room technical forum

Board –Blue Room IP. I haven’t used These type of horns before and want to get info off people with more experience using them. Trunker, on 18 Sep4: This post has been edited by Simon Lewis: I just wanted to improve my sound with the Fane HF, but that doesn’t seem possible now?! The model number doesn’t ring a bell, but compressiob not phone them?