Diagnose This error might be caused by one of the following conditions: Exchange Server Version and Unable to decode ASN. There are too many mail submission threads. If your get Exchange Server Error Code after trying to install a new Exchange server, then you will need an exchange server data recovery. Errors accessing the Performance Library may result in application errors when expected data cannot be found, or when expected data providers are unavailable.

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Exchange Server Error The above error is received when the Edb.

Comments for event ID currently in the processing queue.

You can configure services to run as the local system account or as a specific user. In the navigation pane, expand Monitoring Tools, and then click Performance Monitor. By default, an application runs with the same privileges as the user who started it. For more information, click http: After this happens, the logs are out of sequence and the service stops. After performing the resolution, see the Verify section to confirm that the feature is operating properly.


Run the application as a user with sufficient privileges By default, an application runs with the same privileges as the user who started it.

Anti-spam updates will not be downloaded until this problem is fixed. Here is a valid Microsoft Link https: All future database updates will be rejected. This Warning event indicates that there evebt too many RPC mail submission threads on this Exchange server. Failed to read attribute information AAT for object Re-enable a required DLL.

The problem is occuring when a copy of the emails are to go to the journal mailbox. Active Directory Event Type: Contact the vendor who provided the performance counter DLLs.

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Unable to decode ASN. January 8, Applies To: The maximum number of threads that the Microsoft Exchange Transport Service can use for submissions are as defined by the MaxConcurrentMailboxSubmissions attribute.

The msexhcange resource could not be downloaded: Wet Hard Drive – Flooded. If there is anyone who have encountered this particular problem before I would appreciate your help. If this event is frequently logged, review the Application log for other events that could indicate the root cause of performance problems on the Mailbox server specified in the event description.


You can use Windows Reliability and Performance Monitor to verify that netowkr performance counters are 1107 collected and displayed in a Performance Monitor graph. It is now trying to send requests to the Mailbox server again.

I know that this is usually a last resort. If the server is overloaded, do one or more of the following:.

Rebuild the list of performance counters.

Event ID – 1017

To rebuild the list of counters in the registry: The File and Printer Sharing firewall exception is not enabled. To resolve this issue, use the resolution that corresponds to the cause you identified in the Diagnose section. I have been seeing email getting stuck in the local delivery queue for msexchage now.