Repairs of mechanical parts in such transformers are expensive and time consuming. However, they are the most usual and fail only in very unusual cases. Due to the fact that stepless transformers are oil filled, they have to be located outside the building in a specially designed and approved building Figure 4. These are applications, including two-zone furnaces and salt baths where, for supply reasons, energy for only two zones is taken equally as near as possible from the three phases of the supply. The main advantage of those transformers is that they are capable of applying continuous controlled power to the boosting electrodes. To overcome these issues and be able to profit from the advantage of a solid-state two transformer designed boosting system, we introduced load tap changing. The one really important precaution is the avoidance of parasite voltages in the primaries which can damage thyristor equipment.

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Due to the fact that stepless transformers are oil filled, they have to be located outside the building in a specially designed and approved building Figure 4. With many features like high performance alarm strategy and tjyristor diagnostic load fault detection, Eurotherm is the only choice for your power control applications.

The thyristor part the high power element of these controllers are basically still the same, however, the latest digital micro electronics have taken over the part that controls these thyristors providing new ways of control, overall system efficiency improvements and increased precision.

Open the catalog to page 2. The Online Industrial Exhibition. Open the catalog to page 5.

Power Control

Add to this, an absolute commitment to technological innovation, constant reinvestment in research and development, and a team of dedicated experts euroyherm understand your problems and processes; we can and do imagine making the impossible possible for our customers. The benefits of two-leg versus three leg power control, in three phase heating applications.


A value of around 1. For whatever reason, whether it is because the transformer is lightly loaded or the third harmonic content is low at the normal working point, or a combination of other factors, these systems emphasise that the rules concentrating the third harmonic are only guidelines.

Thyristor Current Calculations

There are many installations which have been running without problems for years which do not employ a delta. All the precautions necessary when using single-phase transformers are necessary in the case of multi-phase installations. Figures 8 and 9, show the same output power ratings.

With respect to multiple boosting electrodes zones, running controllable power on each pair of electrodes makes the whole boosting system more flexible and avoids hot spots, especially in so called barrier boosting zones, in which multiple electrodes are lined up to improve fining by energizing the glass flow loops see Figures 11 and In order to apply sufficient power to the euurotherm the current running in between the electrodes and the transformers is thyirstor high.

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Automatically, the electrodes located in the hottest part of eurothwrm zone will have the lowest resistance and will therefore introduce more power compared to ones that are running in a colder part of the zone. Open the catalog to page 7. The tool which is often used for this function is the Scott-wound transformer. Open the catalog to page 6.

Conclusions Multiple zones, SCR controlled boosting systems have many advantages: Where this problem is likely, expert advice should be sought. The problem is what whilst the circuit is switched off as current falls to zero, it is switched on as ehrotherm rises from zero. Power Control Our range of power controllers can drive complex and transformer coupled loads.

Smart thyristor control for electric boost

Furotherm end-user will eventually be forced to increase the capacity of their equipment to compensate for these disturbances, for example by installing active or passive systems such as costly capacitors. The distance between the transformer and the yhyristor is therefore relatively long. Water flow rates are low 1 to 6 GPM for a single phase unit with eurrotherm small pressure drop that can usually be put in series with other components in the existing thyriztor system.


The notable exception is the delta-primary which is not practical. Eyrotherm to four power control modules provide single and multi-phase control Software configurable options to bring you flexibility The options that you need Excellence in control and data management Our formidable range of power products cover all types of load and voltage but imagine having the power to save energy.

Moreover, phase angle firing creates all sorts of disturbances on the grid, such as harmonics, RFI, line losses, wasted energy reactive power or kVAr and transformer overheating. Thus inrush currents can be minimised whilst the benefits of burst firing control are realised. With those transformers the power could only be controlled in several fixed and predefined steps and in many of these applications the transformers primary high voltage had to be switched off before the secondary taps could be switched.

Flexibility – advanced technologies in harmony with modularity and ease of use to deliver your power control needs Efficiency – world class power control with innovative features to minimise your energy costs with exceptional process performance Peace of mind – a power controller that will bring you return on investment and can be adapted in the future if your requirements change – thyrristor product for all solutions Revolutionary modularity and configurability to meet your needs Consider first the single-phase case: